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Airbus unveils pioneering solar-powered drone

European air giant Airbus on Wednesday unveiled a solar-powered drone called Zephyr that will fly at a high altitude and fulfil the same functions as a satellite. The project was presented at Britain’s Farnborough airshow, where Airbus revealed that the Zephyr S took off on July 11 for its maiden

Source: www.yahoo.com/news/airbus-unveils-pioneering-solar-powered-drone-113827524.html

The “Big Bang” of Alzheimer’s: Breakthrough study uncovers genesis of the disease

Impressive new research has discovered the earliest point in a neurodegenerative process that is thought to lead to dementia. The researchers describe the discovery as like finding the “Big Bang” of Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s hoped the work leads to new treatments and ways to detect the disease.

Source: newatlas.com/tau-discovery-early-stage-alzheimers-disease/55405/

Space mining could turn out to be a trillion-dollar industry, say experts

The Space Race was originally driven by national prestige, scientific curiosity, and technological prowess. Tourism eventually joined those lofty reasons, being backed by big names and big money. In a CNBC article, the potentially huge profits of space mining are the newest reason to get into space. Space tourism is slowly but steadily becoming a […]

Source: www.newstarget.com/2018-07-08-space-mining-could-turn-out-to-be-a-trillion-dollar-industry.html