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We are excited to announce that 10 teams from five countries have moved forward into the finals for the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. These finalists range from entrepreneurs and start-ups to academic institutions and companies that have been tackling the challenge for more than a decade. They represent an incredible diversity of approaches to turn waste (CO2 emissions) into a wide variety of valuable products, such as enhanced concrete, liquid fuels, plastics and carbon fiber. These innovators are ushering in the circular carbon economy by turning carbon from a liability into an asset. It’s this spirit of innovation that will help us take action on climate.

Source: carbon.xprize.org/teams

Putting AI in Your Pocket: MIT Chip Cuts Neural Network Power Consumption by 95%

The neural networks behind recent AI advances are powerful things, but they need a lot of juice. Engineers at MIT have now developed a new chip that cuts neural nets’ power consumption by up to 95 percent, potentially allowing them to run on battery-powered mobile devices.

Source: singularityhub.com/2018/02/26/putting-ai-in-your-pocket-mit-chip-cuts-neural-network-power-consumption-by-95/