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Deep learning algorithm detects Alzheimer’s up to six years before doctors

A new deep learning algorithm has been developed that can study PET scan images and detect the onset of Alzheimer’s six years earlier than current diagnostic methods. The research is part of a new wave of work using machine learning technology to identify subtle patterns in complex medical imaging.

Source: newatlas.com/ai-algorithm-pet-scan-alzheimers-diagnosis/57138/

Rise of the machines: Automation reshapes job market

By Melanie Mason, Los Angeles Times FONTANA — Looking at a map of California on a projector screen, Johannes Moenius, an economics professor at the University of Redlands, hovered his mouse over the Inland Empire, which glowed with a splotch of red pixels. The colored dots signified how susceptible

Source: www.dailyrepublic.com/all-dr-news/wires/business/rise-of-the-machines-automation-reshapes-job-market/comment-page-1/