Exponential Technology

What does Exponential Technology Mean?     Click for the Answer

Based on the above Answer, Moore’s Laws means that this has happened already about 30 or so times, depending on the specific element of computing, in THREE different ways that work together, faster, cheaper and smaller.

To get an idea of the Power of Doubling, instead of a computer, how much would money would you have if you were doubling pennies every day for 31 days?  Click for the Answer

Don’t believe it? Lets’s take a look:

Computing Power, Cost and Size has already gone through doubling/halving Exponential Effect for you (and everyone else). Don’t believe that?

Take a look a Smartphone. A city block of computers in 1965 couldn’t come close to what that a hand held Smartphone does at any price. (Not to mention it wasn’t connected to the Internet).

Essentially we are now putting globally connected digital “intelligence” in things, as small as a Quarter  and still getting smaller, cheaper and faster. Again, seeing is believing. Check out the TinyChip:

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BTW – Moore’s law has looked like it was slowing many times before. At this point, does it really matter anymore?

Now that we have a general understanding of what Exponential Technologies are and why they matter, let’s take a deeper look.

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