Exponential Tech Growth

Exponential Technology Growth is upon us and ever accelerating, well, exponentially. With interconnected technological advancement, understanding the Exponential nature of Tech Growth is critical.

The impact of the scaling of technology brings forth the possibility for projects so potentially impactful that project selection becomes critical. To that end, asking the right questions so as to conjure the best the subconscious has to offer in the realm of perspectives of the required exposed flanks of power, the leverage, and approaches needed seems the only viable path. (e.g. Humans are so close technically to be able to transcend our earthly binds, as well as our very nature, balanced against abilities to blow our entire species away and even taking with it perhaps life itself). Such is the nature of the coming years of life in all its prismatic technologically availed potentials and pitfalls. Our very nature, or at least to make better decisions, had better improve commensurate with this technological escalation, or, as they say where I come from “We’re in a heap of trouble”.

And, don’t think you can put of thinking about “tomorrow” until tomorrow. The technological future is already here. Check out Gerd Leonhard’s recent primer.

This is especially true of the drivers of this technological change, the Entrepreneurs.  Here is a primer from Singularity Hub for how they do this via Exponential Technologies:

6 Tools Entrepreneurs Must Master to Succeed in an Accelerating World

Doubling, as in processor speed, for example, things soon starts to scale up and soon after that get to “the second half of the chessboard” exponential. Even folding a thin piece of paper and doubling its thickness, then folding, again and again, soon you are to the moon in size, then beyond.

Here is a great video from  Adrian Paenza that shows with a simple folding of paper example that shows you what happens when things double.

What is most worth noting, perhaps, is that we are all aware of Technology getting Faster, Cheaper, and Better all around us. But, as with so many things Exponential, we have a hard time getting a sense of what it actually means.

It is clear most of our leaders still are approaching these dramatic changes with strategies that barely worked in the past.  The politics of “reform”, which are the calling card of political leaders, for example, were already well-worn propaganda by the Romanov Dynasty spanning the 1600’s.

Then there are people like Elon Musk out there almost bending reality to his will through breakout technology in many different areas at the same time. Here are some of the things he is doing:

The acceleration of the Exponential Tech Growth will cause us to either change or ourselves be badly disrupted. It’s like trying to Race at Indy on a donkey. New thinking is needed for the increased acceleration of the Growth of New Technologies.

Here’s Diamandis again on Exponential Growth Curve and how to spot it:

Juan Enriquez brings technology and evolution together.  The first part is about the 2008 economic meltdown but around the 7-minute mark it describes the next phase of human evolution through a combination of three exponential technologies.

Ray Kurzweil speaks to how Exponential Tech Growth will truly will “reform” things in a very real sense.

Exponential Technologies are about breakthroughs, big breakthroughs. Below is Eric Haseltine on the question: What will be the next big scientific breakthrough?:

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