Forces applied become leverage. They are tools to “do” things.  One of the first leverage moves was a long, strong object over a fulcrum against a heavy object. Force was applied to the other end of the “lever” and the force was made much more significant.

Let’s take a look at the physical lever and what it can do.

Much like the fulcrum, there are forces that are available to each of us in leveraging exponential technology. These forces provide a way to multiply force to “move” technology forward.

While it is a bit metaphorical to think of “force” in this way, it is very on point from a practical view of wanting to “move” technology forward. The Adjacent Possible is a great example. When trying to improve things in one technology sector, you can simple look at what worked in other sectors as solutions for similar problems.

For example, big farms have been using self-driving vehicles for decades. Clearly, some of the technology was worth considering and borrowing and/or modifying for Google’s driverless cars. Now that we have driverless cars, perhaps someone will port the innovations and technology that made that giant leap possible to give us those personal flying vehicles we have been promised for so long.

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