Using technology, humanity has transcended the problems of natural and cyclical scarcity to a degree. That is not to say that we won’t go the way of the dinosaurs, to disease or maybe at our own hands. But, at least in some very important ways, we seem to be making progress:


Why the World Is Better Than You Think in 10 Powerful Charts


Hard to describe the potential of these Exponential Technologies better than Peter Diamandis in his Abundance Ted Talk.


But for now, we are about to transcend the need for humans working they way they do.  Primarily, this is due to a few forces.

A tremendous amount of the work that we currently do soon will be done by robots,  automation, and algorithms. That married to the acceleration in ideas, their development, and deployment from the Internet and abundance will soon be a slam dunk if we play our cards right.

And then there is our backyard, outer space. Sure it seems ridiculous to us still, but less so really than sailing into the oblivion of endless seas even just centuries ago. And sure, it is far, but some of that abundance is coming towards us.


Space and Technology Review: Asteroid Detection and Mining – Singularity HUB

We have progressed knowledge and transitioned many times in history. But this time, it is different. It’s exponential.  As far as knowledge goes, we produced more data in the last couple of years than all of the years before. Fortunately, we have curators and search to help us sift through this digital haystack.

Most of our workforce worldwide is currently doing things that machines can do better and cheaper. Plus, the work 24/7 and you can scrap them when done, at worst, with no worries.

And, the web is empowering innovators and entrepreneurs in so many ways. This, in a world where one person can so easily and literally change the way we do things.

Our mindset has been on scarcity to a great degree for our entire species the entire time.  Now, we don’t need most of us in the current construct and certainly not the future for obvious tasks. We had better shift our mindset to one of abundance to grab what the universe has to offer us, before some really ugly things happen.

The good news is that education is about to undergo a major disruptive moment. The old model is starting a hyper-evolution via exponential technology as well. See more here about that as it can be our saving grace along with some general grace towards our fellow travelers.

Here is more from Peter Diamandis (and Steve Kotler) from their book – Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think.


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