Collaboration has been widely known in our history. The Exponential Technologies around the Internet has shown the power of the new Collaboration. Things like creative commons allow for the development of great software and other technology that requires any additions be open too. Great leverage.

The licensing constructs of Open Source software were brilliant and world-changing for software. Apache, Linux, WordPress and many others that were developed, distributed and used within an open license of some kind allow you to read this paragraph. Remarkable.

The impact of Open Source is going well beyond software itself.  For example, the fast-growing sector of Desktop Fabrication has some adoption of design objects that are leveraging the Creative Commons license work from which users will make physical objects by way of a 3D printer, including circuit boards.

Keeping in mind that the economy around the physical is many times larger than digital, the changes coming from Open Source will be bigger and faster than  the remarkable speed we saw in software.