The web has unleashed the force of the crowd. Crowds have always been powerful, but never like this.

Just the simple ever-growing crowd based free services like product reviews and how-to instructions can be incredibly useful. More sophisticated crowd collaboration on knowledge assets like Wikipedia and Linux  to identifying stars in the sky and folding proteins efficiently are world changing. Or, today, one might help accelerate biomedical research from the comfort of your couch:

Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon Help accelerate biomedical research from your couch! 

Crowd funding and crowd sourcing are two early examples of what the crowd can do faster, cheaper and better than any organization in history.  From social issues to business propositions and the ridiculous, the crowd moves fast enough to overwhelm the largest corporations, governments, and other entities.

Whether you want to fund your idea or find people to do the work for you, the crowd might well be your best bet.

is addressing one of the biggest problems to getting started in business by providing a new access path to funds.

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