Human Nature

For all the technology development we, as a species, have developed. A constant force to reckon with is human nature.

For all our intellectual prowess and advancement, relative to what we know, we are in some ways essentially static. While one might argue that humanity is changing for the positive in its nature, it is clearly not matching the rate of technological advancement.

Technology prowess of mankind, and maybe even more importantly an individual, looks like the proverbial hockey stick graph. Our humanity at its core seems more like a flat line.  One  might make a case that we are making some advances in getting along, working together and increased empathy. But there is little evidence to the notion that the two are keeping up.

Human nature, on the whole, has always been problematic while technology seems to be neutral to a great degree.  We now have better tech and it can make things better, but only if we use it wisely.

One person can do more good than ever before, but they can also do more damage.  Human intent remains shrouded for the most part but the damage done is all too obvious.

Knowledge and reason, not to mention more than a bit of kindness and compassion are critical to our continuation as a species. Let’s hope we find our way to that, sooner so that we have a later.