Liberty may seem a strange thing to be in a site about Exponential Technology.  In fact, the trajectory of Liberty and the trajectory of technology seem very related.

People are interested in themselves by their very nature. Not surprisingly, people tend to be most productive when their interests are a main driver of their activities, all other things being equal.

The ability to pursue one’s interest, as long as it does not encroach on the interest of another, is a gray line. But, a strong bias towards Liberty vs. say perceived safety seems to be a good start.

I hesitate to address this as it arguably is politics as opposed to technology. But, without Liberty, the prosperity of the majority has been elusive.

Liberty seems to facilitate prosperity. Without a base level of prosperity, much like a base level of government, there is not the time for such luxuries as innovation.

Here is Jose Raul Gonsalez with some charts regarding the correlation of Liberty and prosperity, the foundation of innovation.