200,000 – 800 Years Ago

At some point, whatever we were, stood up. Not much happened with technology in all the preceding time, but certain base exponential technologies such as language, fire, wheels, hand tools, and weaponry all made their early entry very early on.

The first half of this video highlights a lot of important technology with an estimated time of introduction:

A lot happened in the last 200,000 years or so, but, compared to today, at a relatively very slow pace. We put on some clothes, crafted some trinkets, made some very useful tools, started to paint and build, but the pace was very leisurely and nothing much changed within a lifetime or for even generations.

Technology, aka Tools, were developed by humankind thousands of years ago. For generations, a few tools were used and they did a lot for survival. Today, tools are packaged with other tools to service them. It took a couple of hundred thousand years, but we were just getting started.

Human nature has not changed much, but the way we live has. We are very survival-focused, for the most part, seemingly by design, whatever that turns out to mean.

We tended to congregate in caves and such, then valleys, on rivers and anything that provided shelter and increased our chances of survival. Groups, then communities and eventually countries.

Language in verbal form is hard to peg down, but was clearly a keystone innovation, though not solely the tool of humanity.  For written language, it is again hard to say, but symbols have been found that date to 20,000 years ago with actual written language 5000 years ago, give or take a few thousand and the precise definition.

Fast forward to 800 years or so ago and we have the foundation of modernity. We are still very much animals, but a very different bread starting to hold sway over other species and able to bring forth great riches, but also wield great tragedy through our every improving tools and technologies.

For billions of years, the pace was nearly unchanged. Now, exponential technologies will really begin to speed things up, well, exponentially. Now, much will change in just the next few hundred years.

800 Years Ago until NOW 


4.5 MILLION Years

200,000 – 800 Years Ago

800 Years Ago until NOW