4.5 MILLION Years

Earth was formed around 4.5 Billion years ago. Life is estimated to get underway 700,000 years after that.


The world’s oldest known fossils have been found – and they’re 3.7 billion years old – ScienceAlert They could push back evidence for life on Earth by 220 million years.


Homo Sapiens came to be around 200,000 years ago.

That entire time is shown in about the first 30 seconds of this video:

Granted, this is a bit brief and a lot happened. While there is much more to it, there was no human, so no human-based technology, much less exponential technology.

That is unless you count the formation of the universe and life itself, which might well qualify. But, certainly not the kind of technology we are the masters of.

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200,000 – 800 Years Ago

200,000 – 800 Years Ago

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