800 Years Ago until NOW

From hunter-gatherers, scratching and clawing their way out of the ooze we became, to some degree, an agrarian society to better feed ourselves in our groups.  While we had been making things for quite a while, human power started to be better leveraged through tools and we began doing things using other power sources and technology to do more at a much larger scale.

Here is a quick 2-minute video that provides a lot to think about and the gist of a lot of what happened up to modern day:

It took us tens of thousands of years, or millions depending on the way one looks at it, to get that going. A couple of hundred years later and we are already beyond it. Incredible acceleration of technology first occurs.

Our minds set us apart from other life. Our use of tools was a profound way that we displayed that difference.

We have come a long way from chipping away at rock flakes to make a cutting tool. Now, our tools use tools and they are getting so small they are nano and seeing distances so far they are measured in light years.

The Renaissance (rebirth) starts in the 14th century and continued into the 17th century. The Renaissance is often thought of as the bridge to Modern Times.

The printing press, among other innovations, was invented around 1439. That would change everything. By 500 years ago or so, books, and knowledge began to be captured and spread.

Printing, or more precisely, capturing and delivering text and images, spread knowledge. Things technological began to markedly speed up due to this prime example of exponential technology.

For the developing world, from around the 14th to around the 17th century, the Renaissance brought a lot of lasting innovation. Not only the world-changing innovations like the printing press, clock, compass, but art,  music, science and the place of humanity.

Our command of energy, materials, and similar advances allowed for industrialization bringing forth great efficiency, certainly not without costs.  Human nature, it seems clear, travels with us no matter what we invent, at least so far.

Computing has been with us a long time in a variety of forms. Some would argue the definition of computer regards machines that were developed in the mid 20th century and beyond, but it is helpful to understand previous notions of computing.

Here is a video that takes us up to the Internet or so:

The World Wide Web’s impact was Exponentially more impactful and dramatic. Computers are today are part of much of technology across most sectors. The web allows these to connect the Internet of Things.

Most of this technological advancement happened in the last few years. That takes us to today.


4.5 MILLION Years

200,000 – 800 Years Ago

800 Years Ago until NOW