3D Printing Buildings – Think Defence

Back in the deepest archives at TD Towers is a 2011 post on 3D printing for buildings and field fortifications using a technique called contour crafting. One of the disadvantages of these early systems was the need to build parallel rails for the printing head to move along. This new system from APIS COR in Rusia does …

Source: www.thinkdefence.co.uk/2015/10/3d-printing-buildings/

How Far Can A 3D Printed Car Travel On A Liter of Fuel? How about 640 km?

The Shell Eco-marathon challenges students to design, fabricate and then drive the most energy-efficient car they can create. The three annual events – Asia, Americas and Europe – are all about seeing how far student teams can go on the least amount of fuel.

Source: 3dprint.com/87608/how-far-can-a-3d-printed-car-travel-on-a-liter-of-fuel-how-about-640-km/

Spotlight on Desktop Engineering: Helping architects embrace the full, collaborative nature of today’s modeling tools

In 1986 it was just becoming apparent how computers could hugely improve engineers’ efficiency in design and analysis.

Source: www10.aeccafe.com/blogs/3dexperienceconstruction/2015/07/09/spotlight-on-desktop-engineering-helping-architects-embrace-the-full-collaborative-nature-of-todays-modeling-tools/