Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a view of some part of the world that is supplemented or enhanced in some way.  Currently, this tends to mean some kind of computerized additive sensory information that helps you do what you could do before, better.

Augmented Reality technology is likely to be a bit seamless for us. In fact, reality is already being blended with virtuality in something called Mixed Reality. This is going to be a heck of a tool set and pretty fun to use too.

There are already some technologies that are blurring the lines between living in the real world, the virtual and augmented reality. Here is a fun little video titled Sight that might “open your eyes” a bit about the future of AR.

Think of viewing a device that was having issues and through some virtual device(s), a superimposed graphical explanation of the device with some troubleshooting steps you could try combined with what you are already able to see. All of this with other typical technologies like hyperlinks, videos, chats, etc. will make us all very much more capable, safe and efficient.

Technology is about supplementing our capabilities in a variety of ways. Augmented Reality is a bit of a sleeper technology. Few know what it is, but it may well be one of our most productive advents in working with computers, not just being replaced by them in performing work.

Here is a very interesting TED Talk by Rana el Kaliouby on Emotionally Intelligent Technology and how devices can read emotions from the camera. Extrapolating the ideas and tech behind this basic approach has some very wide implications in Augmented Reality and beyond.

Here is a cool site with lots of applications of Augmented Reality:

The Augmented Reality Overview

Augmented Reality is something few can describe. Much like the Internet, it will soon be ubiquitous.