Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is beyond just computers being connected, it is computing being served up in the cloud.  You don’t go to the computer; the computer comes to you.

The cloud term became familiar as a part of most systems diagrams in the 80’s representing the network itself, not the application nor servers. Like today, few really understood what it really was, but you didn’t need to to use it as long as the few who did, made it work.

Part of the notion of the cloud is just interacting with a computer in the cloud. For example, the traditional desktop computer can be replaced by a desktop in the cloud.

Here is a link from a companion site of our Giant Leap family of a Cloud Desktop that you can create in few minutes for Free!

Free Cloud Desktop :

The Cloud is one sense just another computer, or a bunch of them really, converging on your device at your browser or app. This global connectivity is expanding its reach, not only to people but to devices and sensors. Connecting just about everything for us anywhere, anytime.