Computing is a generic area of technology. It assists the fast advancement of more sectors of technology than almost any other. From processors, memory, storage, all the way through the cloud, Computing Technology is impacting the way we live.

And from technology sectors from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, computing is providing us expanded capabilities in an exponential way.

Computing Hardware innovation has been the backbone of Exponential Technology. Computer Software is “eating the world”.

 ‘Evolution Of The Desk’ is an Eye-Opening View Of How Much Our Workspaces Have Changed

One of the newest and most important newer areas is the touch screen. While we will soon be just thinking, blinking or touching the air to command and control computing, touchscreens are here to stay.

Here is a nice video on the innovations, both potential and existing, in touch screen technology:

There are a lot of ideas on how to take computing to the next level beyond silicon. Here is just one example of the kinds of revolutionary computing that may be coming our way.

Here’s a take on the end or Moore’s Law that drives so much of Exponential Technologies. What’s next? Here are some ideas:

Computing technology is everywhere around us. From Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing to a new crop of teenagers now hacking at hardware and software, the technology is becoming more advanced and widespread almost by the day now. The possibilities may not be endless, but they are much farther than anyone can see.

Quantum Computing is already a reality. Here is a primer on that from Jerry Chow:

This makes Moore’s law moot, not because it will fail, but because they have computers that it just doesn’t apply because they are so different and offer so many more capabilities.

Here is Quantum Computing – Artificial Intelligence is Here