Drones, unmanned self-controlled self-propelled robots have essentially been around for only a few decades. The last decade has seen an incredible increase in the availability and usage of drones.

Here is some of what’s new in 2017 CES in the rarified air of drones:

As with many definitions, opinions will differ. Many times drones are used to describe Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV). It is pretty clear that some drones will not only fly, but also go in the water, over the ground and who knows what else.

Anyway, the technology that drives all drones will be similar and likely cross platform. Enough semantics.

Here is an example video on the Quadcopter side of Drone technology:

Military use of drones are the most visible significant deployments today. Being able to conduct surveillance and destroy at a distance using armed unmanned craft is pretty new, but such uses are on the rise. Clearly a mixed blessing at best.

Being able to buy a remote control Drone for around $50 is a recent event. The capabilities are astounding and on the rise. One such drone landed on the White House lawn in 2015 and landed its operator in a bit of trouble.

Autonomous Drone Technology is following the pattern of significantly dropping prices. This allows the human component to be removed or at least substantially decreased for many purposes. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the model.

To that end, Amazon and other large companies are already using drones to deliver products in limited areas. This surely will expand into this and other areas of our lives.

Here is a good video on what Drones can do for some of us most in need:

As with other Technology Sectors, Drone technology is leveraging multiple Exponential Technologies to quickly advance. The implications are, again, astounding.