Environmental Technology breakthroughs are especially important as they are imperative to our very survival and the planet. Fortunately, given the right approach, exponential technology can deliver what it is we need to advance the state of mankind and keeping things cleaner or at least cleaning up after ourselves.

There are real challenges in the form of carbon, plastics, waste dumps, etc. in the air, land, and water that are ingested by everything living on the planet. . However, with fast advancing Exponential technologies can provide real solutions in both reducing our footprint and cleaning up existing issues.

Here are a few examples.

The environmental sector is different, if not unique with respect to advancing technologies. The problems with our environment are mostly of human origin. An easy answer would be to be to have no humans or go back to living in the dirt. Few people have made that a step towards lessening their own footprint effectively including those flying around on private jets spewing masses of carbon into the air while lobbying for a carbon tax as the “solution”.

Fortunately, Exponential Technology Rules apply here as long as we don’t effectively go out of our way to get in the way. With our coming fleets of intelligent environment scrubbing robots, clean energy technology that actually competes by price, and, frankly, technology that could actually be considered true alchemy, things will be looking up soon.

This is one of the few sectors, like education, we seem to be crying about the present, clinging to the past, when we should be looking to a future where well applied new technologies make mincemeat of today’s overwhelming problems.