The Internet has been around in World Wide Web form for only about 25 years. It has changed the world in the last decade more than any other innovation.

Here is a video with Tim Berners-Lee on the World Wide Web which started as a personal project based in frustration and perhaps the next steps in its evolution.

In essence, the web has connected almost all the people on the planet. Lately, it connects with each person in many ways. The net will continue to have such an impact it might well be thought of as another dimension. Like Computer technology itself, the Internet provides an Exponential Technology that provides an ever advancing platform that helps improve most other sectors.

Today, distance doesn’t matter in many situations. Messaging used to take years, then months, then days doesn’t even take a moment now. And, each person can connect with everyone else in many different ways.

Everyone is connected. This creates, among other things, a Network Effect where each new connection adds increasing value. And, while people are somewhat finite, connections no longer are.

Sensors, appliances, machines and the like are going to explode as well. They will become smarter and more integrated and subject to the next, much bigger wave, or the Network Effect and it is surely exponential in nature.