Neuroscience regards our nervous system, including a heavy focus on the brain. The field involves many areas including neurology, psychology, pharmacology, cognitive science and related disciplines.

Here Tim Urban’s very interesting take on the development of our brains from square one. It is a part of a series explaining what Elon Musk is trying to do with Neuralink:

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future – Wait But Why

In the last few decades, we have learned more about how our brain works and what our mind is. Still, we know nothing about consciousness. That is a profound problem.

Here is a bit of what we might know about the brain itself:

Like many other sectors, neuroscience has been around for thousands of years. But, as with other technologies, our knowledge,  and understanding in the area of neuroscience has exploded in the last few decades.

Here are some thoughts on where we are with merging technology directly with the brain:

From Madison Avenue marketing agencies trying to sell us as much as they can at as high a price as we will pay to governments trying to nudge, advancements in neuroscience is key.  Of course, there are many medical and personal uses to the technology around neuroscience as well.

We have made unparalleled progress in just the last few decades in our understanding of our own minds. Still, we are just getting started in understanding our main mechanism that provides us the means to this technological path we are travelling.

We have made dramatic progress already in understanding the Brain. Here are some videos of interest that might well teach you something worthwhile about your own:


11 TED Talks that show how weird the human mind really is – ScienceAlert All in our heads.


But where might we be going with this stuff? Here are some thoughts on that:

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