Digital Sensors are really changing the world as well. Once a job for humans, animals, and crude tools, very sophisticated sensors of all kinds are available in cheap for today and connecting them to computers, devices and the net can often be done for well under $100.

In digital terms, a sensor is basically a transducer used to detect or “sense” something in the surrounding environment.  Sensors will be playing a big part in the “Internet of Things”, even buildings and cities.

There are sensors that capture information on pressure, chemical construct, flow, proximity, temperature and many others with more to come. As the related computing power, connectivity and many other synergistic technologies get faster, cheaper and better in sync with the same advancement of sensors, be ready to be both a very active consumer and target of sensor technology.

Coupling sensors with Big Data,  The Internet of Things and other related technologies will allow us to not only to connect with the world and beyond at a moment, but monitor all kinds of things, all the time, everywhere.