Getting outside of the earth’s gravity happened is something many of us still here remember and watched “live”. If anything is indicative of how fast Exponential Technology is moving, space might be it.

Here is a man’s history of space from the late 1950s (wow, in many of our lifetimes). Already out of the solar system, walking in the moon, roving mars, planning colonization, etc.

The World’s Top Space Agencies [INFOGRAPHIC] The high frontier’s getting crowded—a new space race is underway. Here’s a look at the past, present, and future projects of the world’s top space agencies.

But, stepping onto the moon was literally the coining of the phrase “Giant Leap”, compliments of Neal Armstrong. We are no longer earthbound and will soon live, work and mine in space. Below are a  couple of short videos that say more than words could in a much shorter time.

First, to the present. This pretty low tech video about another great Giant Leap into space to get resources, including materials we have never encountered, shows the promise of the new frontier of space.

Let’s take a look at the pace of change  from our history starting with Sputnik 1 in 1957 when humanity enters the space age:

Here is the Neal Armstrong Moon Walk courtesy of NASA:

By 2014, we had come a long way:

And, in July 2015, Pluto:

Our future, to a great degree, lies in space. While it seems out of reach today, just think of how what we have already done in reaching for the stars would have looked 100 years ago.

Here is Stephen Hawking about beginning to colonize space:

Are there limits? Who really knows but right now we are just past escape velocity, orbit, and minor exploration. Since we can’t know what we don’t know and one day will know, we can really know our limitations, can we? One thing about Space, you can often find smart people thinking, theorizing and overcoming things that seemed impossible. Even that must have its limits.

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