People were moving around initially on foot and all fours perhaps exclusively. Beasts of burden really helped things “get moving” as did boats and eventually hot air.

The wheel, well, it is still one of the first exponential technologies. Wheels really got us moving.

Mechanized Human Flight on earth is barely a century old and already to the moon and back. Soon we will get those flying “cars” we heard so much about and much more. Likely there will be one that goes on air, land, and sea and it might already be out there.

The self-driving cars are already here and legal in some states. The self-driving (autonomous) car technology will spread to just about everything.

We have come a long way from standing up and walking as a species. Soon be able to 3D print a jet.

With the rapid improvement of drones, rockets, and other related innovations, transportation is another of those primary technologies that will change our life on earth and well beyond. Will a Star Trek-like “Transporter” be next?

Who knows, but given the current state, big things are coming faster all the time, even in simple personal transport.

Here is an idea of what is else happening in the world of Transportation:

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