Virtual Reality

Not quite the Holodeck of the Star Trek TV series yet, but Virtual Reality is well on its way.  Sometimes referred to as Virtuality meaning an immersive computer simulation or connection that recreates the sensory experience.

Virtual Reality is one of the greatest beneficiaries of the exponential technologies to date. It would not exist without them.

Here’s something pretty new that gives you an idea of what one might do beyond  with VR.

Here is a great article on Virtual Reality. It provides an interesting perspective, some recent developments and some near future advances that look spot on.

The Near Future of VR and AR: What You Need to Know – Singularity HUB

See also the section on Augmented Reality. It is getting hard to separate them in some contexts already.

Here is a video that hints at what is coming soon in the form of a Virtual Reality Park in Utah:

The Oculus headset is expected to be evolutionary and is due out 2016 and has a lot of buzz. It will have a lot of competition too.

Gaming has eclipsed Hollywood in revenue these days. So, just with regards to the gaming industry, virtual reality will be huge in the coming decade.

Frankly, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will often be combined to bring even more capability and features to what we will do in this virtual world. But, like many such technologies, the biggest impacts may well come from areas that are not mainstream, or perhaps even considered as of yet.

Existing application projects beyond just gaming include training, therapy, education. telerobotics, augmented reality, and more. Virtual Reality is likely to become an important cross-sector force in the near future.