Discovery of 2D magnet could lead to super slim electronicsThe electric, magnetic, physical or chemical properties of a 3D material can radically change when it’s reduced to two dimensions. Now researchers have found the first material that retains magnetism in its 2D form, opening the door to thinner electronics.
The Biggest, Strangest ‘Batteries’

That’s why in Wales a power company engineered a special lake on a mountaintop. And in Germany a utility pumps underground caverns full of compressed air.

China just extracted gas from ‘flammable ice’, and it could lead to a brand new energy source – ScienceAlertIt could be a promising energy source. 
California Grid Smashes Record – Getting 67% of Energy From Renewables – ScienceAlertDoesn’t even count hydro and rooftop solar.
The revolutionary redox system that produces and stores energy in the homeImagine having a fridge-sized box in your home that generates and stores electricity, heats and cools the house, provides hot water and churns out oxygen and hydrogen to use or sell. New Atlas spoke to two of the minds behind this potentially game-changing “Swiss army knife” of energy production.
Lithium metal battery prototype boasts 3 times the capacity of lithium-ionsIn the quest for a better lithium battery, one thing stands between scientists and a genuine breakthrough: dendrites. But if a new technology lives up to its potential, it could solve this problem and enable lithium-metal batteries that can hold three times the energy of lithium-ion ones.
MIT physicists have found a brand new way to unleash graphene’s superconductive power – ScienceAlertUnstoppable.
Energize_MIT(BETA) is an open energy data platform that provides access to information on campus energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, buildings, and weather. It is intended to serve as an iterative and evolving one-stop-shop for campus energy exploration, analysis, and research.
This new battery concept could give electric cars a 1000km range | TechRadarEngineers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems have developed a new way of arranging batteries that lets many more be crammed into the same space.
Mercedes energy storage units headed for UK homesCar manufacturers are racing to get their electric cars onto the market, but they’re also keen to get their batteries into family homes. Tesla has made its Powerwall plans clear, and Mercedes has been talking a big game with its energy storage systems, which will be showing up in UK homes soon.
Wet ‘n’ windy portable turbine spins up battery power off-gridWhile an outdoor adventure is a great time to switch off from the digital world, the connected camper might still want to send some snaps to social media. Battery life usually limits that luxury, but the Waterlily is a portable turbine that can harness the power of both wind and water.
“Virtual batteries” could lead to cheaper, cleaner power | MIT NewsMIT research suggests control policies treating smart appliances and electric cars as a collective “virtual battery” could lead to cheaper, cleaner power.
Fern-leaf inspires electrode for high density solar energy storageMade from graphene and with a fern-inspired fractal structure, engineers at RMIT University have developed a new prototype electrode that could enable solar harvesting and storage systems that are thin, flexible and have high capacity.
This New Molecule Can Collect Solar Energy Without Solar Panels – ScienceAlertSharing the science that matters.
Cars could soon be running on biofuels derived from wastewaterAqualia and SEAT are teaming up to develop a sustainable fuel from wastewater. The project, known as Life Metha-morphosis, is aimed at creating a biofuel from treated organic waste, which can then be used to power CNG cars, whose CO2 emissions would be cut by up to 80 percent.
Elon Musk says Powerwall batteries will fix Australia’s blackout problems in 100 days or they’re free – ScienceAlertThis guy!
NASA Takes Solar Power Generation To A Whole New Level

To have unlimited solar power, we need to collect solar energy from where the sun never sets – outer space.

Off-grid Power in Remote Areas
Thin, built-in batteries to free up valuable space on CubeSats​Real estate is valuable aboard compact satellites, so the smaller each component can be made, the better. Scientists are developing a thin solid-state battery, which could save space for important instruments in satellites, or provide power on other planets, in cars or within the walls of a home.
Cheaper battery for solar made with pee ingredient – FuturityA new battery to store solar power includes “some of the cheapest and most abundant materials you can find on Earth,” including urea.
Stomach acid powers up MIT’s ingestible battery​Tiny, ingestible electronic devices are proving to be better for drug delivery or invasive procedures, but powering them can be a challenge. Now researchers at MIT have designed electronics powered by acids in the stomach, making for a cheaper and safer alternative to other batteries.
‘Miniature’, modular nuclear power plants could be rolled out in the US – ScienceAlertSmall enough to fit on a truck bed.
This Nanoseconds-Long Movie Could Hold the Key to Free, Unlimited EnergyResearchers have captured a “movie” of the energy transfer that takes place during photosynthesis, disproving a long-held belief about the quickest part of the process. By bettering our understanding of natural photosynthesis, we can improve our artificial systems, which could provide the world with a free, unlimited energy supply.
New Partnership is Bringing Wireless Charging to Electric VehiclesWiTricity is partnering with General Motors to bring wireless charging to electric vehicles operating on 7.7 kilowatt or 11 kilowatt systems. Experts do not the commercialization of the technology until about 2020, but the addition of charging abilities could find its way to parking lots and public spaces.
Paperback bacteria biobattery folds for different power levelsWith the aim of producing low-cost, portable, disposable batteries for use in remote areas, researchers at Binghamton University have developed a new design, mounted on a single sheet of paper that can be folded and stacked in different configurations to generate varying amounts of power.
Sunny Days: Solar is Officially Becoming the Cheapest Form of New ElectricityThe Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that, while coal and gas costs will stay low, renewables will do better and will be the cheapest in many countries between now and 2040. Solar power is now around half the price of coal and gas, making it cheaper than wind energy, and ultimately the cheapest form of new electricity.
Another nuclear fusion record just got broken in South Korea – ScienceAlertWe’re getting closer.
Scientists Want to Cool You Down By Beaming Heat Into SpaceIn the future, air conditioners will simply beam energy into space.
Engineers have achieved Wi-Fi using 10,000 times less power – ScienceAlertNo more draining your phone’s battery.
Thermoelectric paint generates electricity from almost any heat sourceScientists at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have created a thermoelectric coating that can be directly painted onto almost any surface to capture waste heat and turn it directly into electricity.
Google Announces That It Will Source 100% of Its Energy From RenewablesGoogle announced its data centers will be fully powered by renewable energy sources by 2017. In total, the tech industry accounts for approximately two percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.
Optical Microscopes Let Us See Inside Solar CellsFor everyone who has ever wondered what the inside of a solar cell looks like.
Move Over, Fracking. There’s a New Technology in Town | Fast Forward | OZYThe next way to revolutionize our energy future might be sitting in your kitchen right now.
Finally – a safe way to carry hydrogen fuel in your pocketHydrogen has great potential as a future clean energy source, but it’s difficult to store safely. Now a Japanese research team has invented a compact, flexible polymer that could lead to a plastic container of hydrogen that’s safe to carry in your pocket.
The Tesla Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC]A look at how Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors aims to build a sustainable energy ecosystem.
India Just Unveiled the World’s Largest Solar PlantWith 2.5 million individual solar panels across more than 10.36 square kilometers, India’s new plant is capable of powering 150,000 homes. The facility puts India on track to be the world’s third-biggest solar market by next year, joining several other countries on the path to creating a fossil-fuel free future.
Nuclear Battery Could Turn Toxic Waste Into Clean Energy | Digital TrendsCould nuclear waste be made great again by being used to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery? Researchers in the U.K. certainly think so.
This island in American Samoa is almost 100% powered by Tesla solar panels – ScienceAlertGoodbye, diesel.
Elon Musk says a Tesla solar roof could cost less than your crappy normal roof – ScienceAlertInteresting…
Electrified trailer glamps off-grid for days and charges your Tesla, tooThe original Bowlus Road Chief trailer had a very short life back in the 1930s. It’s been revived and now lays a claim on the title of world’s most advanced travel trailer with the all-new Lithium+ package.
Reactor that produces liquid fuel from CO2 in the air to be tested in portable pilot plantA transportable chemical reactor developed at Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and spinoff company Ineratec that uses solar power to convert CO2 from the air and regenerative hydrogen from electrolysis into liquid fuels will be tested in a pilot plant.
How to turn scrap metal into a ‘homemade’ battery – FuturityEngineers used bits of metal scraps and a household chemical to create a high-performance battery. It’s a step toward DIY batteries you can make at home.
Your Next Car Could Be Fueled by Hydrogen, Thanks to This New Storage DiscoveryThe material held 11.6 percent of its weight in hydrogen with a volumetric capacity of 60 grams per liter, well above the U.S. DOE’s current goals of 5.5 percent and 40 grams per liter. As their only byproduct is water, usable hydrogen fuel cells in cars could go a long way toward helping us battle climate change brought on by fossil fuel dependence.
Wall-mounted wireless charger could cover every device in the roomThe tools to overcome problems with wireless charging already exist, according to a new paper that outlines how an LCD-like panel could be used to charge several devices simultaneously from a distance of up to 33 feet.
Renewable energy now exceeds all other forms of new power generation – ScienceAlertYes!
These Spinning Solar Cells Generate 20 Times More Power Than Traditional PanelsThese spinning solar cells are unbelievably efficient.
Simple, inexpensive method for creating energy-harvesting wooden floorsA new process developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) could see homes powered by footsteps on energy-harvesting flooring for around the same price as conventional flooring.
The key to better rechargeable batteries may be in your bloodThe main issue of lithium-air batteries is lack of efficiency and lithium peroxide build up. But now a team at Yale has used a molecule found in blood as a catalyst, which not only improved the lithium-oxygen function, but may help reduce biowaste.
Renewable Energy Sources Of The Future [Infographic]Flying Wind Farms, Solar Windows, and… Magma Power? Welcome to the future of energy.
Drone receives wireless power, on the flyGiven that the battery life of most multicopter drones typically doesn’t exceed 30 minutes of flight time per charge, there are many tasks that they simply can’t perform. That’s why scientists are developing an alternative – they’re wirelessly transferring power to a drone as it’s flying.
Abundant silicon at the heart of cheaper renewable energy storage systemA team of researchers from Madrid is developing a thermal energy storage system that uses molten silicon to store up to 10 times more energy than existing thermal storage options and could form the basis for a new generation of low-cost solar thermal stations to store solar energy in urban centers.
This Carbon-Free Supercapacitor Could Revolutionize Electric VehiclesMIT researchers have used a new supercapacitor material with a massive surface area that outperforms previous carbon-based models. The supercapacitor could create longer lasting rechargeable battery tech and replenish electric vehicle batteries quicker while lasting longer than today’s carbon-based designs.
Limitless Energy: MIT Set a New Record for Nuclear FusionMIT researchers using the Alcator C-Mod reactor have achieved a new nuclear fusion pressure record of more than 2 atmospheres of pressure. The Alcator C-Mod is set to retire after over 23 years of use but its nuclear fusion experiments have brought us closer to nearly unlimited clean energy.
Scotland’s Massive Tidal Power ProjectIt will be able to power nearly 200,000 homes by 2020.
Toyota’s FCV Plus concept is part car, part power plant Last year, having developed its Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) from concept to fully fledged production as the Mirai, Toyota subsequently unveiled the FCV Plus. In addition to being hydrogen-powered, the FCV Plus was designed to be a power source itself. Today, more details have been released.
The Cost of Solar Power Has Fallen 25% in Only 5 MonthsThe cost of building solar plants has declined by 25 percent in just five months, according to two recent bids in China and Dubai. The reduction in price follows a broader trend of solar affordability brought on by cheaper solar panels.
New Wind Turbine Tech Could Use a Single Typhoon to Power a Country For 50 YearsHumanity pumps nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year because of fossil fuels, but one typhoon is equivalent to half the world-wide electrical generating capacity. Now, Japanese engineer Atsushi Shimizu claims to have developed a way for humanity to harness this power.
Making rocket fuel from water could drive a power revolution on Earth – ScienceAlertThe fuel of the future.
Physicists Have Figured Out How to Create Matter and Antimatter Using LightJust milligrams of antimatter could get us to Mars, but it costs a quadrillion dollars to make one gram. Now, a new calculation could allow us to make antimatter from light. This could significantly bring down the cost and give us a viable way to make antimatter.
The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm [INFOGRAPHIC]Check out Kyocera’s new floating solar farm—the largest of its kind in the world.
The world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train is coming to Germany – ScienceAlertThe future is here.
This Helicopter Can Fly Entirely On Solar PowerSolar Gamera is equipped with an array of solar panels to power four rotors.
3 Big Trends Shaking Up the Energy Industry
Electricity-Generating Windows Could Turn Skyscrapers into Solar FarmsSolarWindow has announced that they are working on transparent veneers that can be placed on regular windows and panels, turning them into electricity-generating solar cells.
The Portable Power PlantThis hydroelectric power plant weighs in under two pounds!
Kardashev Scale: What It’ll Be Like When We Harness the Power of an Entire WorldTo measure the level of a civilization’s advancement, the Kardashev scale focuses on the amount of energy that a civilization is able to harness. Obviously
GM and U.S. Army Fuel-Cell Vehicle | More Details | Digital TrendsGM and the U.S. Army will unveil a prototype hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle based on the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck in October.
2,000-hp Nikola semi changes course to hydrogen powerNikola Trucks optimistic plans to bring a hybrid electric semi to market have taken a twist, with the proposed range-extended electric power now to be replaced by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain.
US physicists just revealed plans to build the most viable nuclear fusion devices ever – ScienceAlertVirtually limitless energy forever.
New Genetically Engineered Bacteria Could Help Combat Global WarmingConverting greenhouse gases to its usable forms, such as methane, takes a huge amount of time. Now, a team of researchers have engineered a bacterium that could boost this process in just a single, naturally occurring, enzymatic step.
Safe, edible battery designed to power ingestible medical devicesA team of researchers has developed a tiny battery that’s entirely non-toxic, and which provides enough power for tiny, edible sensing or diagnostic devices to get their jobs done.
Australian scientists just set a world record for solar thermal efficiency – ScienceAlert97% conversion of sunlight into steam.
New Battery Breakthrough Could Double Your Smartphone’s LifeSolidEnergy plans to make “holy grail of batteries”–a lithium metal battery with twice as much capacity than any available today. The company plans for their technology to be commercially available soon.
Why this lithium-ion battery won’t ignite – FuturityA new lithium-ion battery made entirely of solid material—no liquids or gels—cannot ignite, even at very high temperatures.
Elon Musk Announces That SolarCity Will Create a Roof Made Entirely of Solar PanelsThe next project for newly acquired company SolarCity? Solar panels that aren’t just added to existing roofs, it’s actually THE roof.
Scotland just generated more power than it needs from wind turbines alone – ScienceAlert
Liquid light switch bridges the gap between light and electricityScientists have used a form of liquid light to create a semiconductor switch that is so small that it not only blurs the distinction between light and electricity, but could also enable the development of much faster and smaller electronic components well into the future.
Lithium-air batteries are getting safer, cheaper, and longer-lastingMIT scientists have advanced a new design for a lithium-air cell that could perform better than commercial lithium-ion, while also using cheaper materials.
New Solar Energy Harnessing-Tech Even Works at NightHigh in the stark Nevada desert, a couple of hundred miles north-west of Las Vegas, is the shimmering circular mirage of Crescent Dunes. Ten thousand silvery glass panes surround a tall central tower, which stands like a twinkling needle in the featureless landscape around it.
X-rays offer clear view of how lithium-ion batteries work – FuturityA new way to peer into the electrochemical reaction that fuels lithium-ion batteries reveals a process far more complex than once thought.
Breakthrough battery tech could make electric cars and smartphones more efficient | WIRED UK

This Is How the World’s Poor Are Pioneering the Future of Energy
A Truly “Green” Source of Renewable Energy: Grass Harbors HydrogenA team of researchers have shown that significant amounts of hydrogen can be unlocked from fescue grass with the help of sunlight and a cheap catalyst. Hydrogen may soon be used as renewable energy for it does not produce any harmful gas.
Inkjet printed solar cell turns your portrait into a power sourceResearchers at Aalto University have come up with an inexpensive inkjet-printed solar cell that can be made into text or images. Designed to be used with low-power devices, it has already shown performance and durability comparable to that of existing organic dye solar cells.
Uranium Extraction From Seawater: An Energy Solution?Scientists are developing a way to extract uranium from seawater, with the hopes of powering the world’s major cities for thousands of years.
Breakthrough in Iceland Could Solve the Carbon Sequestration Problem | ChEnected
Scientists Found An Enormous Reserve Of Helium, And It’s A ‘Game-Changing’ DiscoveryIn the midst of fears of our helium deposits running out, a research team has found a large helium deposit in the volcanic rich Rift Valley in Tanzania using a new method of detection.
Scientists have developed solar cells 100 times thinner than a human hair – ScienceAlertSolar will eat the world.
Fusion Energy: A Practical Guide [Infographic]It could provide clean, cheap, inexhaustible power to the world. So why haven’t we figured it out yet?
Solar Energy Is Now as Cheap as Fossil Fuels
Monkey knocks out Kenya’s entire power grid after ‘falling onto transformer at electricity plant’ – Mirror OnlineThe primate is said to have climbed onto the roof of the Gitaru Power Station and dropped onto the transformer tripping the supply
Chile is producing so much solar power, it’s giving it away for free – ScienceAlertSunshine supply and demand.
Scientists are about to turn on a system that converts atmospheric CO2 into fuel – ScienceAlertSharing the science that matters.
This genetically engineered bacteria can inhale CO2 and produce energy – ScienceAlertWe really need this.
This pot plant can charge your phone through photosynthesis – ScienceAlertBest plant ever. 
Experts Asserts That, Soon, The Price of Solar Power Will Rival That of CoalSolar may soon be competitive with coal, as construction costs plummet and efficiency rises, driving down the price of solar energy.
There’s a New Way to Generate Power Using SeawaterScientists have successfully developed a method of producing electricity from seawater, with help from the Sun. Instead of harvesting hydrogen, the new photoelectrochemical cell produces hydrogen peroxide for electricity.
Solar Paper: The Portable Solar Panel Charger You Need For Your ElectronicsThe Solar Paper charger can recharge your cell phone in about 2.5 hours. It’s also completely water-resistant.
An Entire Country Ran On Renewable Energy for 4 Straight DaysA study conducted by the National Energy Network (REN) and the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN) reports that Portugal was able to run on renewable energy for four consecutive days.
Embedded fuel cells power smartphones for a week… and could run the world | TechCrunchPeople love their smartphones but hate poor battery life. We love having access to the world’s information at our fingertips but tire of the need to..
Mercedes home batteries are a potential rival for Tesla’s Powerwall | TechCrunchThe batteries developed for the high demands of all-electric Mercedes-Benz cars are finding a new application as in-home energy storage units. Sound familiar?..
Researchers have accidentally made batteries that could last 400 times longer – ScienceAlertOops! Never replace your batteries again.
A Device That Will Turn Your House Plants Into Living Solar PanelsThis nifty device is able to break down compounds made during photosynthesis into usable electrons.
Everlasting Batteries Move Closer to Reality, Thanks to New Nanowire TechnologyResearchers have found a way to make nanowire batteries last longer. Indeed, they have practically made batteries last a lifetime, as they show no detectable loss of capacity or power, despite hundreds of thousands for charges.
Solabat : Solar + Battery Hybrid System – Energy MattersThe Solabat project gives new meaning to the term solar + storage – it aims to combine the two functions on a single device.
Caltech’s 2500 Orbiting Solar Panels Could Provide Earth With Limitless EnergyThe Space Solar Power Initiative (SSPI), a collaboration between Caltech and Northrup Grumman, has developed a system of lightweight solar power tiles which can convert solar energy to radio waves and can be placed in orbit to beam power to an energy-thirsty Earth.
Biotech Breakthrough: Reverse Photosynthesis Could be the Energy Source of the Future
This Tiny Solar Panel Can Charge Your Phone (and It’s Affordable!)Most solar chargers are either gimmicks that would struggle to juice up a lemon, or giant packs you need a car to haul around. Goal Zero’s new Nomad 7 Plus looks like it might be the holy grail – small, cheap, and useful.
New Catalyst Lets Us Store the Power of the SunScientists have found a way to “crack” water three times more efficiently using solar- and wind-generated electricity, which means it’s possible to store renewable energy for later use.
The Fully Functional Airport That Runs Entirely On Solar PowerAn entire airport that doesn’t have to pay for electricity.
MIT Is Building 3D Solar Towers, and So Far They Have Achieved Phenomenal Results MIT researchers are experimenting with 3D solar towers to stabilize solar output and decrease inefficiencies.
This New Plane Will Make the First Ever Carbon-Free Flight Across the AtlanticThe carbon free journey about to be undertaken by the Eraole is designed to act as a wake-up call to the environmental consequences of air travel.
US Claims It has “The Holy Grail of Energy,” Announces New Battery StorageThis new generation of batteries could potentially change the country’s electric grid in as short as five years.
These Near-Invisible Solar Cells Are So Lightweight They Won’t Pop a Soap BubbleResearchers have developed the lightest solar cells yet.  They could mark a sea change in the development of solar technology and “smart” objects.  
The World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Plant is Being Built in China This beast will measure 1.6 km long (1 mile) and will be topped with 44,000 square metres of solar panels. 
Tesla’s Powerwall Has a New Competitor, Meet Orison The Orison, a new home battery being promoted on Kickstarter, could cut your energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable environment.
Innovative Honeycomb Design May Revolutionize Solar PowerA new honeycomb design has been tested in hopes that it will increase the efficiency of thermochemical energy storage capabilities.
Proven one-step process to convert CO2 and water directly into liquid hydrocarbon fuel. This simple and inexpensive new sustainable fuels technology could potentially help limit global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make fuel.
Nuclear fusion: Chinese team makes breakthrough (Wired UK)The search for sustainable nuclear fusion has taken a major step forward, after a Chinese research group announced it sustained a superheated plasma gas at 49.99 million degrees C for more than a minute.
Japan Just Started Work on The World’s Largest Floating Solar FarmSay “hello” to a truly sustainable future. Japan has started construction on, what will be, the largest floating solar farm on our planet.
China Has a 50 Million Degree Hydrogen Plasma BreakthroughChina’s nuclear fusion machine has beaten the record of Germany, but why is that important? Does this mean that we will be successfully harnessing energy from hydrogen fusion in the future?
Tesla Will Make a New Powerwall Available This YearElon Musk shares Tesla’s plans to produce a new version of the popular Powerwall for 2016.
Wendelstein 7-X Fusion Device Produces Its First Hydrogen PlasmaScientists injected hydrogen gas into the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator to create a controlled plasma stream that reaches amazing temperatures.
You’ll never ‘be-leaf’ what makes up this battery! — ScienceDailyScientists have a new recipe for batteries: Bake a leaf, and add sodium. They used a carbonized oak leaf, pumped full of sodium, as a demonstration battery’s negative terminal, or anode, according to a paper published yesterday in the journal ACS Applied Materials Interfaces.” id=”metasummary
These Zigbee home automation devices need no batteries or wires | ITworldYou’re probably most familiar with piezoelectricity as the generator of the spark that lights the gas stove, but it’s finding a new application in Las Vegas this week: lighting up the living room.
New flow battery offers lower-cost energy storage
Organic battery will be cheaper than standard vanadium flow battery
Wearable energy generator uses urine to power wireless transmitter 
Tiny Chip that Powers Itself from Radio Waves – ProDigitalWeb
Eco-friendly battery and solar cell all-in-one — ScienceDailyIn solar flow batteries, the proposed charging process links harvesting solar energy and storing it as chemical energy via the electrolyte. Scientists built a solar flow battery that uses an eco-friendly, compatible solvent and needs a lower applied voltage to recharge the battery.” id=”metasummary
 Storing electricity in paper
An organic mixed ion-electron conductor for power electronics
 Pushing the limits of solar cells:

Scientists have introduced a new strategy for generating more efficient solar cells.

Promising new prototype of battery — ScienceDaily
 Perpetual youth for batteries?
Neutrons explain aging process in lithium ion batteries
Free Electric – 60 Minutes on this Bicycle can Power Your Home for 24 Hours! | VR World

Power the half the world without it with no pollution and beyond, plus a great workout.

uBeam Declassifies Secrets To Try To Prove Wireless Power Is Possible | TechCrunchIt must violate the laws of physics. It must be dangerous. It must be impossible. This is what critics have concluded despite not actually knowing the details..
Startup Prieto Manufactures Batteries Made of 3-D Foam Structures | MIT Technology ReviewAffordable, lightweight, and versatile, batteries made of porous materials could soon transform energy storage.
Drilling the world’s hottest geothermal well — ScienceDailyThere is an inexhaustible amount of energy lying right beneath our feet. It is a renewable and stable energy source — free of carbon dioxide emissions. Researchers are now planning to drill deep into the Earth to extract it. If they succeed it will be a major technological breakthrough. Ninety-nine per cent of planet Earth has a temperature in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius as a result of residual heat inherited from the Earth’s primordial origins and the breakdown of radioactive materials. This heat can be transformed into energy — and there is more than enough to go round.” id=”metasummary
 Synthetic batteries for the energy revolution
Chemists present an innovative redox-flow battery based on organic polymers and water
Taiwan Unveils the Eco-Power Station, Featuring 10 Green Products That Are Making Zero-Energy Consumption Possible
 The road to longer battery life
Stealth company claims hydrogen fuel breakthrough at Kennedy Space Center – Orlando SentinelA secretive company focused on new hydrogen fuel technology has launched a multimillion-dollar round of fundraising from its headquarters at Kennedy Space Center.
Extending a battery’s lifetime with heat — ScienceDaily
5 Technologies That Could Drive Solar Energy Growth for Decades — The Motley FoolThe Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for investors through various stock, investing, and personal finance products.
 Digestible batteries needed to power electronic pills
Can SolarEdge Make a Power Electronics Breakthrough in Solar Inverters? : Greentech Media“Distributed switching” eliminates magnetics, aluminum and copper.
Renewable Energy and Tech: Artificial Leaf Creates Hydrogen Fuels : News : Nature World NewsScientists developed an artificial leaf that can harness sunlight and produce efficient fuel. Their model is even cost-effective and rust-resistant.
 Solar water-splitting technology developed
Process uses light-harvesting nanoparticles, captures energy from ‘hot electrons’
 Super solar cells collect higher energy photons 30 times better
Solar cell absorbs high-energy light at 30-fold higher concentration than conventional cells
Batteries Will Do To Energy What Cellphones Did To Telecom: Advanced Microgrid & Tesla{{meta.description}}
Google’s Project Sunroof Tells You How Well Solar Would Work On Your Roof | TechCrunchGoogle now lets you see if your house is a good candidate for installing solar panels. Project Sunroof, a 20 percent project by Google engineering lead Carl..
8 potential battery storage technology breakthroughs : Renew EconomyLab innovations have come to light almost weekly in the last quarter.
How Google and Friends Are Killing Cleantech Startups (Without Even Trying) : Greentech MediaRob Day on the downside of Google’s “dabbling” in renewable energy
How to get the most out of your rechargeable batteries | ZDNetSeven tips for getting the best possible life out of the Li-Ion rechargeable batteries inside your smartphone, tablet or notebook.
Wind energy provides 8% of Europe’s electricity — ScienceDailyEU’s grid connected cumulative capacity in 2014 reached 129 GW, meeting 8% of European electricity demand, equivalent to the combined annual consumption of Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Ireland. According to a report, the impressive growth of the industry will allow at least 12% electricity share by 2020, a significant contribution to the goal of the European energy and climate package of 20% share of energy from renewable sources.” id=”metasummary
 Reproducible research for biofuels, biogas
Warren Buffett And Elon Musk To Spark A Lithium Boom | RealClearEnergyThe age of electrification across the transportation sector, the solar panel revolution, and Tesla’s battery gigafactory are igniting a battle for the cheapest battery. That will transform…
Science Daily Exponential Technologies New design could dramatically boost efficiency of low-cost solar panels
Lithium Ion Battery Breakthrough Could Cut Costs 50% | PlanetSave24M, an MIT start-up, says it has found a new way to manufacture a lithium ion battery that has 5 times as much storage capacity and costs half as much.
A Look At The Tech That Could Mean We Never Have To Charge Our Phones Again | TechCrunchTechnology that can wirelessly power our devices on the go could change our world. Imagine never having to plug in your cell phone again, or technology that..
24M: A Breakthrough In Lithium-Ion Battery Technology? – Forbes24M is a battery company that has come out of stealth mode with some novel ideas about how to manufacture lithium ion batteries. It holds a lot of exciting potential, and suggests there is a lot of innovation to come in the battery space.
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Record-breaking solar flight reaches Hawaii after 5 nights and days airborne without fuel
Unlimited endurance is now proven thanks to clean technology
10 Years of Energy Technology: How the Industry Has Changed | Energy Technology Matters
Hot and Humid? There’s Energy in That : Discovery NewsAn engine powered by evaporation is made from bacterial spores that can lift more than 50 times their own weight.An engine powered by evaporation is made from bacterial spores that can lift more than 50 times their own weight.
Wind turbines with owl wings could silently make extra energy – tech – 12 June 2015 – New ScientistSome wind farms are speed-limited to prevent annoying noise, but owl stealth technology might help them run faster
 X-ray imaging reveals secrets in battery materials
Imaging and data analysis techniques offer new approach to probing material properties
 Renewable energy from evaporating water
New clean energy source produces electricity, could power robots, sensors, vehicles
Power beamed to camera via ambient wi-fi signals – BBC NewsAmbient wi-fi signals have been used by US researchers to power a small surveillance camera.
The Breakthrough Institute – A Look at Wind and Solar 
Using carbon nanotubes to improve bio-oil refining — ScienceDailyNew catalyst structures based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes are set to make the refining of commodity chemicals and fuels from bio-oil more competitive.” id=”metasummary
 Innovative components pave way for cheaper wind energy
 Getting rid of pinholes in solar cells
 Chemists discover key reaction mechanism behind the highly touted sodium-oxygen battery
Top five takeaways from Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy reveal – FortuneTesla Motors is expanding beyond electric cars and launching a line of battery products. Here’s what CEO Elon Musk said behind the scenes.
 Precision nanobatteries by the billions
 Twin boundaries in lithium-ion batteries: Turn that defect upside down
DID YOU KNOW You Can Generate Electricity by Bicycling | Redwood City-Woodside, CA Patch
Tesla unveils batteries to power homes – BBC NewsUS electric carmaker Tesla Motors unveils batteries that can power homes and businesses in a bid to expand beyond its vehicle business.
How Tesla’s Batteries Will Power Your Home | WIREDElon Musk’s plan to put batteries in your house relies on a lot of science and even more clever engineering. Elon Musk’s plan to put batteries in your house relies on a lot of science and even more clever engineering.