Honda 3D prints compact delivery EV

Where 3D printing vehicles is concerned, Local Motors takes much of the headline chatter, but that’s not to say others aren’t dabbling with the technology. Last week, Honda and Kabuku unveiled a custom-designed electric vehicle for making deliveries, the body panels of which have been 3D-printed.



Genetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future | RealClearFutureGenetically Engineered Algae Might Fuel the Future | RealClearFuture
This 22-year-old is launching a controversial plan to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – ScienceAlertHe wants to clean up 50 percent of the patch in five years.
Device generates power while purifying air of air pollution | NextBigFuture.comDevice generates power while purifying air of air pollution
Electronic device bends like skin and biodegrades – FuturityA new semiconductor is as flexible as skin and degrades with just a weak acid. Devices made with it wouldn’t add to the world’s pile of electronic waste.
China is set to build this smog-eating ‘Forest City’ filled with tree-covered skyscrapers – ScienceAlertIt’s so beautiful. 
Unexpected discovery finds caterpillars that can eat one of our most common plastics – ScienceAlertGrub’s up.
Portable “Trashpresso” up-cycling plant transforms trash into tilesIsolated communities often lack garbage disposal infrastructure, meaning it’s hard to either truck out the trash or process it on-site. The Trashpresso is designed to lighten the load a little, as a semi-portable, solar-powered plant that turns trash into tiles.
To Deal with Plastic Trash, All You Need is Bugs | Hackaday

Finding a bug that eats polyethylene and poops antifreeze might be a great first step in bioremediating the mess.

MIT’s solar plant is delivering on its promises | MIT NewsOn a 600-acres solar farm in North Carolina, solar panels have been installed, connected, and are delivering power into the nation’s grid.
Shipboard reactor could convert ocean-based plastic waste into diesel​Having now reached the deepest parts of the ocean, the plastic pollution problem is calling for some creative solutions. An organic chemist and a sailor are trying to make plastic waste worth collecting, by turning it into a usable diesel fuel through a semi-portable reactor.
Solar Impulse co-founder aims to make electric aviation a reality with new company | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green BuildingSolar Impulse’s Co-Founder André Borschberg is aiming to make electric propulsion in the aviation industry a reality with the new company that he co-founded, H55.
Old clothes may be “melted down” and recycled​​When it comes to clothing, being both environmentally-conscious and fashionable can be tricky. Old clothes can be given away, of course, but they still ultimately end up in the landfill. That’s why scientists have devised a method of essentially “melting down” old clothes to make new material.​
World’s Largest Geoengineering Study Triggers Major Controversy 
Carbon nanotubes could find use in reusable water filtersThe most commonly-used water filtration media are silicon gels and activated carbon. These can only be used once, however. By contrast, not only can filters made with carbon nanotubes be reused, but they’re also reportedly more effective at removing organic pollutants.​
Battery breakthrough by 94yo inventor addresses costs and life-cycle : Renew EconomyUniversity of Texas team develops low-cost, high energy density, non-combustible battery that could be game-changer for EV uptake.
This New Molecule Can Collect Solar Energy Without Solar Panels – ScienceAlertSharing the science that matters.
To recycle old gadgets, crush them into nanodust – FuturityUsing a low-temperature cryo-mill to pulverize e-waste could be more eco-friendly than the current options—landfills and incinerators.