John Deere leads the way with IoT-driven precision farmingPrecision farming driven by IoT technology let’s growers make the most of limited natural resources and feed more people.
Single Synthetic Sensor keeps watch over entire room​Thanks to the Internet of Things, the home of the future could be full of smart devices. A team at Carnegie Mellon University is trying to untangle that web, by developing a single device that uses a suite of sensors to monitor an entire room’s worth of regular appliances.
Intel believes 5G wireless could reach far beyond smartphones to smart things | VentureBeat | Business | by Dean TakahashiThe Internet of Things is expected to grow quickly to tens of billions of connected devices, from smart refrigerators to smart showers to smart cruise ships.
Tiny WiFi radio could get us closer to Internet of Things – FuturityHitchHike, a tiny, ultra-low-energy wireless radio, could make the Internet of Things less of a dream and more of a reality, its creators report.
Hacking Light Bulbs? New Study Exposes Weaknesses in the Internet of ThingsResearchers have discovered some glaring weaknesses in some of our IoT devices that allow for worms to creep in and wreak havoc. White hat hackers allow companies to fix these loophole prior to people with more dastardly intentions finding them.
The IoT market will grow through cannibalisation, says Tech Mahindra • The Register
The Internet of Things and Its Impact on Education : Tech : University HeraldThe Internet of Things has continuously made an impact in education not only in terms of learning but in teaching as well. It has also improved school security and economy.
Blockchain IoT Projects and Applications | 2016 GuideSearch and discover innovative IoT targeted Blockchain Dapps, DAO, and development projects.
What If Intelligent Machines Could Learn From Each Other?
Internet of Things Prompts Soaring Demand for Innovative Sensors – Investing News NetworkA new report from Lux Research identifies the market for innovative sensors as one to watch.
Stay Connected In The Ocean With Samsung’s Smart SurfboardIt features an LED display that’s powered your Galaxy s7 smartphone.
17 ways the Internet of Things can go horribly wrong | ZDNetIf the Internet is built into everything you own, none of it will be truly safe from hackers.
IoT Sensors Giving Low-Tech Industries High-Tech Benefits | Information Management OnlineIndustries such as manufacturing, commercial real estate, agriculture, and even waste management are being disrupted and revolutionized by IoT sensors.
An Internet of Things that will number ten billionsThe Internet of Things has reached 6.4 billion devices this year and is on the way to 21 billion by 2020, according to Gartner.
Roost’s smart home grows exponentially thanks to IFTTT – CNETThe 9-volt battery that retrofits your smoke detector with smarts will launch its own IFTTT channel later this month.
How Taylor Swift is using the Internet of Things in her concerts | Network WorldGo to a Taylor Swift concert and you’ll have a front row seat to an Internet of Things use case.
What Will The Internet Of Things Be When It Grows Up? | TechCrunchAn old proverb advises, “Keep a thing seven years, and you’ll find a use for it.” Well, it’s been about seven years since there were officially more..
Marc Andreessen: ‘In 20 years, every physical item will have a chip implanted in it’ – TelegraphStar venture capitalist Andreessen’s new $25m bet heralds the dawn of Internet of Things 2.0
How Intelligent Lighting Is Ushering In The Internet Of Buildings | TechCrunchThe LED revolution is over. To no one’s surprise, LEDs have won. Solid-state lighting is changing how we light the world, successfully displacing..
A whole new world: How IBM is gearing up for the Internet of Things | ZDNetIBM may have been involved in IoT for years, but now it’s upping the ante with a $3bn investment.
New Tiny Wireless Temperature Sensor Could Power IoT – Mobile Tech on Top Tech News
Amazon Launches AWS IoT — A Platform For Building, Managing And Analyzing The Internet Of Things | TechCrunchMake way for another big player entering the Internet of Things space. Amazon today is announcing its long-awaited IoT platform for AWS at its re:Invent..

Take 5: Understanding the internet of things by Brigid O Gorman

IoT Seen as Prelude to ‘Sensor Swarm’The current IT infrastructure shaped by the proliferation of mobile devices will soon give way to a “sensory swarm” that will overtake the current Internet
Making the ‘Internet of Things’ configuration more secure and easy-to-use — ScienceDailyWith an ever increasing number of everyday objects from our homes, workplaces and even from our wardrobes, getting connected to the Internet, known as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), researchers have identified easy-to-use techniques to configure IoT objects, to make them more secure and hence help protect them from online attacks.
The Internet of Underwater Things: How researchers are mimicking whales to network the seas | ZDNetAn EU-funded research project is looking into the untapped potential of seas, rivers, and lakes for providing internet access.
The Hierarchy of IoT “Thing” Needs | TechCrunchI received a lot of feedback on an article I wrote a few months ago about changing the way we perceive the “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). The..
Connecting artificial intelligence with the internet of things | Technology | The GuardianWith the two technologies set to meet, lines between sci-fi and a high-tech new reality continue to blur. Industry experts see no reason to be fearful
‘Future Crimes’: A sober warning about the Internet of Things | Pittsburgh Post-GazetteMarc Goodman will make you afraid to turn on your e-reader or laptop.
Amazon Echo: Ringmaster of the home automation IoT circus | ZDNetWith a $100M investment fund and the opening up of cloud service APIs and an SDK, Alexa and the Echo could become the brains of your home automation and IoT network.
Internet of Things: Arduino, Android, ESB | Java Code Geeks
Navigating the airport through the Internet of ThingsAirlines, it seems, are getting a little excited about the thought of the Internet of Things and what it could do for the traveller experience.
Google announces Brillo OS and Weave protocol for the Internet of Things | VentureBeat | Cloud | by Mark SullivanDevice makers will be able to bake the OS software onto the chips used in their devices, so that the devices can immediately connect with Android platforms.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warns of coming ‘internet of things’ bubbleApple co-founder Steve Wozniak has warned the burgeoning industry springing up around the so-called “internet of things” is already showing signs of …
Industry 4.0: It’s all about information technology this time | ZDNetThe so-called Industry 4.0 concept now being embraced in Europe predicts the Internet of Things will change manufacturing as we know it.
Samsung launches Artik chips for the Internet of Things – CNETSamsung Electronics President Young Sohn says the products, which combine hardware and software, are a complete system for building devices that connect to the Internet.