This Battery-Free Cellphone Works by Harvesting Power From Ambient Radio Signals

If there’s a bottleneck in today’s smartphones and mobile devices generally, it’s battery life – or, rather, the lack of it – but a new innovation from researchers in the US could mean an end to constantly staring at that sad-looking little red…



Here’s how SpaceX plans to give everyone on Earth internet access – ScienceAlert3 billion people to go.
Multi-university effort will advance materials, define the future of mobility | MIT NewsThree MIT-affiliated research teams will receive about $10M in funding as part of a $35M materials science discovery program launched by the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). 
Viral Fridays: This Gelatinous Device Could Be The Smartphone Of The Future |
Keep Talking. This New Smartphone’s Battery Allows for 32 Hours of Talk TimeChinese company Gionee’s new M2017 smartphone sports a massive 7,000mAh battery capacity, more than doubling the industry standard of about 3,000mAh. Numerous companies are working on ways to extend battery life and decrease charging times, which will undoubtedly improve the smartphone experience of the future.
Device harvests energy from your moving fingers – FuturityA new flexible, lightweight device could provide power to phones and other devices by harvesting energy from motion, like a finger tapping on a screen.
HandEnergy brings new twist to pocket electricity generationHandEnergy is a new hybrid generator created to offer on-demand power from the palm of just one hand. It is designed to produce electricity at wall socket speeds through gentle wrist rotations.
This new technology could charge your phone in seconds – ScienceAlertNo battery required.
Mobile Devices Have Officially Surpassed Computers for Internet UsageThe combined traffic from mobile devices hit 51.2 percent, vs. 48.7 percent for desktop access, for the first time ever. This statistic could encourage businesses to prioritize their mobile websites and revolutionize how we use computers.
Samsung extends motley mix of mobile accessories to more marketsSamsung has announced a new line of mobile accessories will soon be available around the world. The line includes a bottle-shaped speaker and LED lamp, an induction charging pad, a range of portable battery packs, a USB LED light, a scoop-shaped wireless speaker and a pair of rectangular earbuds.
Limelens review: Bring depth to your smartphone photographySmartphone photography is getting more popular and even novices can take great pictures now. Limelens allows you to up your game with three great lenses.
Bendable WhammyPhone offers flexible music control Claimed to be the world’s first virtual musical instrument for flexible phones, Queen’s University’s new “WhammyPhone” prototype promises kinesthetic control never before experienced on a smartphone.
goTenna makes a Mesh of off-grid commsWhen there’s no network coverage or internet access, smartphones are rendered useless as communications tools. The goTenna tackled this by allowing smartphones to communicate via their own radio-based network and, now, the goTenna Mesh can do so over triple the distances.
This device traps single cancer cells for analysis – FuturityCancer cells vary, with some being more malignant. A new device can pick out single cancer cells for analysis, helping doctors fine-tune treatments.
Scientists have developed a new Wi-Fi system that’s 3 times faster – ScienceAlertWe must have this.
Turning Bluetooth into Wi-Fi puts implanted devices onlineUniversity of Washington engineers have produced a unique method to communicate with low-power, electronic devices such as brain implants and smart contact lenses by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features iris scanner: PHOTOS – Tech InsiderThe Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung uses an infrared sensor to scan the user’s iris and unlock the phone.
Charge Your Phone Using…The Wind?Trinity turbines can harness energy from winds as slow as 3km/h (2mph).
The Runcible: This New, Round Smartphone Can Be Yours NowManohm is now offering its round smartphone- the Runcible- for preorder.
Lenovo unveils Phab 2 Pro, a Tango device, for just $499 unlocked | ZDNetWith the world’s first smartphone compatible with Google’s sensory awareness platform, Lenovo aims to court more businesses to use augmented reality.
Google’s Modular Smartphone Snaps Together Like LegosThe modular smartphone is scheduled to be in consumer hands by the end of 2017, according to Google. It can support up to six modules and has been made even sleeker in its newest update.
Mobile malware evolves: Adware now breaks and roots your phone | ZDNetAdware is moving from nuisance to nasty with the discovery of over 20,000 Android apps which can root your phone, making it almost impossible to remove.
Are We At The End Of The Android Heyday? | TechCrunchOver the past years, Google’s Android has come to dominate the world of mobile and tablet devices. Even though sales declined slightly at the close of 2014,..
The radio system bringing connectivity to the toughest environments in the world | ZDNetFinnish company KNL Networks has developed a secure alternative to satellite communications for challenging environments.
3 amazing technologies that could be part of your new smartphoneThat little computer you carry around in your pocket is already your camera, navigation device, instant messaging machine, ride-hailing tool and phone. But it’s…
Unleash your users’ sensor data with Sense360 – Developer TechSense360 enables your applications to capture, combine, and analyse data from a variety of sources in order to create intelligent new mobile experiences.
This Could Be Best Way Yet of Turning Your iPhone Into a Kickass Camera | Gizmodo UKThe DxO One snaps into an iPhone’s Lightning port, to give the phone some proper SLR chops.
Mobile App Enablers: Who Will Be The Winners? | TechCrunchOver the past three years, the Emergence Capital team has closely monitored the growing ecosystem of mobile enterprise applications. We have been fortunate to..
MobiSys 2015 – The 13th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and ServicesMobiSys 2015 seeks to present innovative and significant research on the design, implementation, usage, and evaluation of mobile computing and wireless systems, applications, and services.
‘Front-door’ GPS tracking in the palm of your handNew centimetre-accurate GPS to revolutionise drone delivery, vehicle safety and gaming

Researchers Create New Form of Smart Device Communication