“Mind reading” technology can now decode complex thoughts​In the past, “mind reading” systems have been able to guess a number, but deeper thoughts have been beyond the technology’s reach. Now, a team from Carnegie Mellon University has developed a way to accurately read more complex concepts from a brain scan, and even piece together entire sentences.
New discovery could allow us to edit memories to make them less traumatic – ScienceAlertSo this is how triggering really works.
New tool offers snapshots of neuron activity | MIT NewsMIT and Stanford researchers have developed a way to control gene expression in neurons when they become active, essentially providing a snapshot of their activity at a moment in time. This approach could offer far more insight into neuron function than current cell labeling techniques that require hours or days.
Is Woebot, a mental health chatbot, the future of therapy?A San Francisco-based start-up has just launched an AI therapist, or “mental health chatbot” and it’s called Woebot. Is this the beginning of the end for trained psychologists?
Scientists are about to perform an Experiment to See if the Human Mind Is Bound by Physics – ScienceAlertThis could be interesting.
Decoding of neural activity using new optical imaging and analysis techniques | NextBigFuture.comDecoding of neural activity using new optical imaging and analysis techniques
Sync pink noise with brain to get better deep sleep – FuturityPink noise synced to brain waves can deepen sleep and improve memory in older adults, new research shows.
Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future – Wait But Why
Observing your own brain activity could be the future of treating depression – ScienceAlertWow.
OpenBCI – Brain-Computer Interface Tech for the Masses
Elon Musk on mission to link human brains with computers in four years: report | ReutersTesla Inc (TSLA.O) founder and Chief Executive Elon Musk said his latest company Neuralink Corp is working to link the human brain with a machine interface by creating micron-sized devices.
DARPA and ASU electrical brain stimulation could boost learning and memory by 30 percent | NextBigFuture.comDARPA and ASU electrical brain stimulation could boost learning and memory by 30 percent
Brain scans highlight a hidden, “higher” state of consciousnessNeuroscientists at the University of Sussex claim to have found the first evidence of a higher state of consciousness. From wakefulness down to a deep coma, consciousness is measured by the diversity of brain signals, and under the influence of psychedelics, that diversity jumps to new heights.
Device that can literally read your mind invented by scientists | The IndependentA device that can read people’s minds by detecting their brainwaves has been developed in a breakthrough that could eventually enable people with “locked-in syndrome” to communicate. researchers said.
Elon Musk on mission to link human brains with computers in four years: report | ReutersTesla Inc (TSLA.O) founder and Chief Executive Elon Musk said his latest company Neuralink Corp is working to link the human brain with a machine interface by creating micron-sized devices.
Scientists identify brain circuit that drives pleasure-inducing behavior | MIT NewsMIT neuroscientists have discovered a brain circuit that responds to rewarding events. 
Neuroscientists identify brain circuit necessary for memory formation | MIT NewsMIT study of neural circuits that underlie memory consolidation reveals memories
Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies |
‘Groundbreaking’ technology enables quadriplegic man to move his limbs – Medical News TodayUsing neuroprosthetic technology, scientists have enabled a man who had been quadriplegic for 8 years to move his limbs and perform daily tasks.
New study suggests our understanding of brain cells is flawed, and here’s why – ScienceAlertOur brain cells could be 10 times more active then we thought.
Scientists discover a giant neuron around the brain that could explain conciousness | Global Futurist by Matthew Griffin
Brain-computer interface lets “locked-in” people communicate for the first timeIn ​Complete Locked-In State (CLIS) patients with fully functional brains are trapped in bodies that they have no control over. Now a team at the Wyss Center has found a way to monitor the brain activity of CLIS sufferers in a way that allows them to answer simple yes/no questions.
Smart biopsy needle helps doctors dodge the danger zoneBrain surgeries have become safer with advances in brain imaging that allow surgeons to better map out their approach, and they are set to become safer again with the development of a new high-tech biopsy needle that packs a tiny imaging probe inside to help guide the way.​
Memory Implants Come Closer To Reality, No Need To Cheat During Exams – EconoTimesEconoTimes is a fast growing non-partisan source of news and intelligence on global economy and financial markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insights for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions.
IAT Racism Too isn’t up to the job – NY Magazine

The Implicit Association Test has failed on identifying Racism.

The first sights babies see sculpt the brain’s visual circuitry – FuturityScientists have found more clues about what happens in the brains of baby mammals as they try to make visual sense of the world.
The Super-Future of Brainwear Has Arrived | Rising Stars | OZYWant to be a Jedi? Visit the Consumer Electronics Show, where the weird world of brain-hacking will let you use the Force like Luke.
How an emotional ‘hangover’ changes your brain – FuturityThe “emotional hangover” is a real phenomenon, according to research showing that emotional experiences have lingering effects on our brains.
University of Florida NewsMerging neuroscience and education research to personalize multimedia and online learning
Sound used to detect unsound brainsIn the recent past, we’ve seen systems that track eye movements in order to determine if a concussion has occurred. Now, scientists from Illinois’ Northwestern University are suggesting that the way in which the brain processes sound may be an even better indicator.
Alzheimer’s hope in new memory-restoring drugResearchers at the University of Leicester have developed a new class of Alzheimer’s drug that has been shown to restore memory loss, slow disease progression and increase the lifespan of mice. The team hopes that the finding could lead to new treatment options for Alzheimer’s in humans.
Researchers Use Brain Tests to Predict the Potential of Criminality in ToddlersAccording to a Duke study, three year olds with the lowest 20 percent brain health grew up to commit over 80 percent of crimes as adults regardless of social class. The results emphasize the need to give all children access to the resources necessary to ensure good brain health, such as public health and education programs.
Getting to the Heart of It: Novel Discovery Could Help Reverse Brain DamageScientists may have discovered an important protein marker to help doctors catch brain and heart disease earlier than ever before. Earlier detection in disease such as dementia could be key in helping to slow down or completely reverse the damage of these diseases.
Bits of your brain go to sleep while you’re awake – FuturityNew research finds that small regions of the brain cycle in and out of sleep, even when you’re awake.
Watch a Paralyzed Woman Communicate With Help From a Brain ImplantThis is life-changing technology for many paralyzed people.
Reprogramming the Human Mind: Here’s How We’ll Make Humanity 2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]Computers that connect to the human brain could bring an end to Alzheimer’s. They could allow us to possess superhuman levels of memory and intelligence. They could change everything—and Bryan Johnson’s Kernel is making it happen.
The Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces [INFOGRAPHIC]Forget touchscreens and keyboards: the future is all about brain-computer interfaces.
New artificial intelligence technique could erase fear from your brainImagine your fear of spiders, heights or confined spaces disappearing.” data-page-subject=”true” name=”description
Your brain ‘fingerprint’ is unique enough to ID you – FuturityThe structural connections in your brain are unique to you, say scientists, who have developed a way to “fingerprint” the human brain.
Can brain scans spot liars better than a polygraph? – FuturityOur brains are much more likely to give away a lie than sweaty palms or spikes in heart rate are, new evidence suggests.
Wireless brain sensor could unchain science from cables – Mumbai MirrorResearchers restore leg movement in primates. It’s a step towards the development of a system that might help in rehabilitating people who have suffered spinal cord injuries.
This world-first brain implant is letting a ‘locked-in’ woman communicate – ScienceAlertParalysis is about to get a whole lot less lonely.
We were wrong about consciousness disappearing in dreamless sleep, say scientists – ScienceAlertWe’re finally solving the mystery of dreamless sleep.
Harvard scientists think they’ve pinpointed the physical source of consciousness – ScienceAlertThis is where awareness lives.
Placebo ‘sweet spot’ could help control your pain – FuturityScientists have discovered the “sweet spot” in the brain that makes a placebo significantly reduce pain for some people.
Wiring the brain with artificial senses and limb controlScientists and engineers from the University of Washington are working on a way to provide prosthetic users and those suffering from spinal cord injuries with the ability to both feel and control their limbs or robotic replacements by means of directly stimulating the cortex of the brain.
An english-speaking teenager has woken up from a coma speaking fluent Spanish – ScienceAlertAn english-speaking teenager has woken up from a coma speaking Spanish.
Experts Assert That “Mind-Reading” Computers Are Just a Decade AwayFrances Van Scoy believes that, once human thought can communicate directly with computers, a new world will open before us. “Ten to 15 years from now, hardware/software systems using those sorts of neuroheadsets could assist me by recognizing the nouns I’ve thought about in the past few minutes.”
Scientists May Have Reactivated The Gene That Causes Neurons To Stop GrowingScientists have found a way of reactivating genes in mice to continue neuron growth. The development could be key to helping patients with paralysis and neurodegenerative diseases.
You have a second brain – ScienceAlertWe’re controlled by more than just our thoughts.
Mind-Controlled Bionics: New Tech Translates Thoughts Into MotionNew technology in prosthetics is allowing for controlling appendage mechanisms with brain activity. While not an equivalent replacement of a lost limb, further development of the technology will bring us closer to tapping into the full potential of advanced prosthesis.
Engineers Have Created Artificial Synapses That Mimic the Human BrainThe device relies on “memristors,’ components whose resistance relies on how much charge has passed through them in the past. One brain has roughly one quadrillion of these synaptic connections
Scientists Have Pinpointed the Brain Circuitry That Could Help Us Erase FearCoupling reward with exposure therapy has proven successful in prolonging fear supression The enhanced therapy may be a way for the eighteen percent of people suffering from fear/anxiety disorders to enjoy longer recovery.
A zap to the right spot might ‘reset’ your brain – FuturityBrain stimulation can treat a range of conditions, but it’s not clear how it works. A new study finds zapping the right spot can change the whole brain.
A bike company had this great idea to reduce shipping damage | Digital TrendsDutch bike company VanMoof bikes were getting damaged en route to the customer … until an employee suggested the simple idea of printing the image of a TV on the side of the package.
Brain juggles factors to spot a face in the crowd – FuturityIn order to find something specific in our field of vision, it helps to narrow the search. A new study with monkeys clarifies how the brain does this.
MIT’s New Radio Can Detect Your Emotions Using Wireless SignalsA team of researchers at MIT’s CSAIL have developed a device that can detect basic human emotions using wireless technology. Dubbed EQ-Radio, it analyzes small variations in heartbeat intervals to determine whether a person is happy, sad, excited, or angry.
Machine-Learning Can Read Your EEG and Uncover Your HabitsResearchers have found a way to use EEG scans to identify the brains of alcoholics. While potentially beneficial for medical research, the new discovery could lead to privacy issues now that brainwave-scanning technology is becoming mainstream.
Scientists Unveil a New Map of the Brain With Unrivaled ResolutionThe Allen Institute for Brain Science has published and released a comprehensive, high-resolution map of the brain anyone can access online. They mapped 862 brain structures from a single donor brain.
A new way to tackle stress? People who ‘see’ scans of their brain activity can learn to control it | Daily Mail OnlineThe study from researchers at Tel-Aviv University shows that people can be trained to physically control the emotional part of their brain, leading to changes in actual behaviour.
Compulsive drinking in rats stopped cold by flipping neurons like switchesResearchers have discovered that deactivating neurons in the brains of alcohol-dependent rats completely stopped compulsive drinking behavior. While the usual caveats around animal research apply, the study offers hope that drug therapy might one day help people gain control over alcoholism.
Brain-imaging technique helps people control emotions using amygdala feedbackA new non-invasive brain imaging technique could benefit those with stress-related disorders by helping them regulate their amygdala activity and control their emotions.
New Alzheimer’s Treatment Could Reverse Synapse Degeneration and Stop Memory LossNew research indicates that reducing Dkk1 may allow us to prevent or restore memory loss in early cases of Alzheimer’s, giving us a viable way of treating individuals with this disease.
Elon Musk is Looking to Kickstart Transhuman Evolution With “Brain Hacking” TechElon Musk has recently hinted that he may be working on a “neural lace,” a mesh of electronics that will allow AI and the brain to work together. This could help human brains keep up with future enhancements in AI.
5 Incredible Ways Scientists Are Merging Our Brains With Machines
Your Conscious Brain Directs Your Actions Less Than You Think
The Tiny Brain Chip That May Supercharge Your Mind
How offloading our minds to the internet gets us hookedIs our memory located in our brains or in the cloud? A new study finds that increasingly, the answer seems to be a little of both.
Is this mind-body link why yoga calms us? – FuturityThere’s new evidence for the neural basis of a mind-body connection. The findings may help explain why meditation and certain exercises help us with stress.
Scientists create ‘virtual brains’ from tiny primate skulls – FuturityPrimate brains weren’t always so big. Virtual brains made from ancient, kiwi-sized primate skulls could help explain the boost in brain size.
‘Sleep switch’ in brain discovered by Oxford in breakthrough which could lead to better sleeping pillsA pill to help insomniacs drop off instantly could be developed after scientists discovered the brain switch which triggers sleep.
Scientists Complete the Most Detailed Map of the Brain Ever
Hackers could get inside your BRAIN | Daily Mail OnlineThe University of Washington revealed how hackers could insert images into dodgy apps and recording the brain’s unintentional reaction using brain-computer interfaces.
Improved memory may be just a brain-zap awayWhen people suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s, autism or schizophrenia, however, that function can be compromised. Now, scientists have discovered that help for such individuals may lie in the form of zapping their brains while they sleep.
This woman lived 24 years without knowing she was missing her entire cerebellum – ScienceAlertSomehow, she’s okay.
Researchers have finally found a way to make people smarter, but it’s not pleasant – ScienceAlertA zap a day.
Synaptic bridges help brain cells communicateSingle-molecule imaging has revealed that synapses – the tiny junctions that allow neurons to communicate with each other – transmit information across precisely-aligned nanocolumns. The discovery could unlock new secrets to how our brains work and it may improve our understanding of brain diseases.
Multi-scale imaging technique brings the brain into focusMIT scientists have developed a multi-scale imaging technique that allows them to examine brain tissue at both close subcellular detail and in terms of the broader long-range connectivity of neurons. The technique could improve the accuracy of efforts to map the connections within the human brain.
We’re Understanding How The Brain Functions By Linking Retinas To ChipsThe retina is essentially part of the brain. Studying them led researchers one step closer to understanding how the brain processes stimuli
A man who lives without 90% of his brain is challenging our concept of ‘consciousness’ – ScienceAlertThe father of two lives a normal life.
Is this real life Inception? Scientists can trick people into seeing colours | Daily Mail OnlineWorking with colleagues in Japan, scientists at Brown University have been studying how to ‘induce’ knowledge in someone through their visual cortex.
People who meditate appear to be more aware of their unconscious mind – ScienceAlert[Meditates furiously]
How to Build a Mind? This Learning Theory May Hold the Answer
Scientists Say Neuron Repair is PossibleNew research suggests that nerve cells may be able to repair themselves by mobilizing mitochondria by removing a certain protein in cells. This may help combat neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s in the near future.
How we touch, smell, and see all at once – FuturityThe ability to judge multiple sensory inputs simultaneously is something animal brains develop through experience, new research with tadpoles shows.
WATCH: You are actually two brains living in one person – ScienceAlertThis is really freaking us out.
Mind-reaching machine could soon turn your secret thoughts into speech | Daily Mail OnlineProfessor Robert Knight and his team at UC Berkeley say they are working on technology that can reproduce comprehensible speech from direct brain recordings in real-time.
Neuroscientists have recorded the brain activity of a man at the exact moment he ‘saw God’ – ScienceAlert  A serious case of epilepsy gave him a ‘religious experience’.
Chinese Researchers Have Built a Mind Controlled Car Chinese engineers have developed equipment that can read EEG signals from the brain and translate them into actions by a car. 
Scientists test a way to erase scary memories – FuturityImagine wiping away bad memories for those with PTSD but enhancing memories for people with dementia. Scientists say they’ve taken a step in that direction.
How the Power to Control Objects With Our Minds Stopped Being Science Fiction
‘Think To Speak’ Headset Is Breaking Down Communication BarriersThanks to Smartstones, you can now send your loved one a text message, or in-app push message, simply by thinking it.
Scientists Can Now Identify Individuals Based on Brain Waves—And It’s 100% AccurateResearchers discovered that people respond to stimuli differently enough that it is possible to create a unique signature, a brainprint, that could one day replace fingerprints in a number of instances.
Memories Can Be Inherited, and Scientists May Have Just Figured out HowOur life experiences may be passed on to our children and our children’s children – and now scientists report that they have discovered that this inheritance can be turned on or off.
Mind-control MICROSCOPE changes the behaviour of mice in an instant | Daily Mail OnlineA team at the University of California, Berkeley combined cutting edge techniques to develop a tool which able to zoom in on a patch of brain cells (stock image) and alter their activity using light.
You Can Retrieve Memories from Patients With Early-Stage Alzheimer’sThere’s new hope for those with Alzheimer’s.
This Amazing Computer Chip Is Made of Live Brain Cells – Singularity HUB
Cyborg Rat: Augmented Rodent Can Navigate Mazes With Remarkable SpeedHere’s proof of how an emerging science–cyborg technology–can combine biological cognition with computational capability.
Learning How To Fly With NeurostimulationNew research reveals that Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, if used in training, can increase the learning abilities of novice pilots.
Cryopreservation Breakthrough: We Just Preserved an Entire Brain Down to the Last NeuronResearchers have successfully preserved a rabbit brain using a new method of cryopreservation that focuses on memory storage.
Researchers Can Now Repair Severed Neuron Connections Using Lasers“If you have a severed nerve, you can’t repair it…my thought was, what if we could ‘weld’ it back up right after it’s injured?”
Motivating employees to exercise: loss may be more effective than gain incentives – Medical News TodayA trial of a workplace wellness program to encourage overweight and obese employees to exercise suggests that averting loss works better than seeking gain.
Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm Moves Individual ‘Fingers’Physicians and biomedical engineers report what they believe is the first successful effort to wiggle fingers individually and independently of each other using a mind-controlled artificial “arm” to control the movement.
With a few skin cells, scientists can make mini, thinking version of your brain | Ars TechnicaTiny ball-shaped noggins may aid research on Zika, autism, and new drugs.
Cryopreservation Breakthrough: We Just Preserved an Entire Brain Down to the Last NeuronResearchers have successfully preserved a rabbit brain using a new method of cryopreservation that focuses on memory storage.
Scientists Begin Work on Reverse-Engineering the BrainThis research will improve on decades old algorithms, and it could lead to more human-like machines. 
Thanks to science, you can soon wipe out your worst memories | New York Post
Can Our Minds Live Forever? New Experiments Aim to Make it HappenScientists are attempting to preserve a brain, along with all its thoughts, memories, and everything that makes us who and what we are. 
The brain communicates on several channels: The human brain uses several frequency bands for the flow of information between lower and higher areas — ScienceDaily
New Technique Allows Scientists to Read Minds at Nearly the Speed of ThoughtAn experiment by University of Washington researchers is setting the stage for advances in mind reading technology. Using brain implants and sophisticated software, researchers can now predict what their subjects are seeing with startling speed and accuracy.
A Drug to Cure Fear –
The US Military Wants a Chip to Translate Your Brain Activity Into Binary CodeNot long after researchers claimed victory in performing a head transplant on a monkey, the US military’s blue-sky R&D agency announced a completely insane plan to build a chip that would enable the human brain to communicate directly with computers. What is this weird, surreal future?
Dissolvable brain implant the size of a grain of rice invented by scientists | Science | News | The IndependentA surgical implant no bigger than a grain of rice which measures a patient’s temperature and blood pressure for several days before dissolving harmlessly in body fluids has been invented by scientists. 
Tiny electronic implants monitor brain injury, then melt away — ScienceDailyA new class of small, thin electronic sensors can monitor temperature and pressure within the skull – crucial health parameters after a brain injury or surgery – then melt away when they are no longer needed, eliminating the need for additional surgery to remove the monitors.
Telepathy: ‘Mind Reading’ Computer Deciphers Words From Brainwaves : Tech : Science World ReportA team of Japanese scientists have built a device that can predict words before they are spoken by analyzing brainwaves.
Intelligence genes discovered by scientists – TelegraphImperial College London has found that two networks of genes determine whether people are intelligent or not so bright.
Websites could read emotions by seeing how fast you move your mouse – TelegraphComputer software could read how fast your mouse is moving, and react accordingly to calm you down
Science Daily Exponential Technologies LSD changes consciousness by reorganizing human brain networks
 Neuroscientists now can read the mind of a fly
New technique could yield knowledge useful to understanding the human brain
Videos for Neuroscience Research – Discover the latest innovations from Neuroscience 2015
A neuroscience approach to innovative thinking and problem solving – CIONew technique challenges the ‘keep at it and it’ll eventually happen’ tactic
Is Your Tongue The Key To A Neuroscience Breakthrough?
 Watching a memory form
Sea slug study reveals novel memory mechanism
 The power of two may help explain brain design
This robot uses artificial brain cells to navigate like a humanOne robot has been given a simulated version of the brain cells that let animals build a mental map of their surroundings.” data-page-subject=”true” name=”description
Dreams turned off and on with a neural switch: Activating small group of neurons in medulla causes rapid transition to REM sleep — ScienceDaily
Scientists claim they can change your belief on immigrants and God | UK | News | Daily ExpressATTITUDES towards God and immigrants can be changed by beaming magnetic waves into the brain, scientists have claimed.
Pain is in the brain — ScienceDaily
Detailed, Digital Rat Brain Shows Individual Neurons : Discovery NewsTen-year project generates organic brain model with 31,000 neurons and 40 million synapses. Continue reading →Ten-year project generates organic brain model with 31,000 neurons and 40 million synapses. Continue reading →
 How the brain recognizes objects
Innovative ‘brain prosthesis’ could help with memory loss – Medical News TodayThe symptoms of dementia, including memory loss, are incurable. But a new brain prosthesis implanted in the hippocampus is showing promise as a potential cure for memory loss.
Intelligent people’s brains wired differently to those with fewer intellectual abilities, says study | Science | News | The IndependentThe brains of high-achieving individuals are wired up differently to those of people with fewer intellectual or social abilities according to one of the first studies to find a physical link between what goes in the brain and a person’s overall lifestyle. An analysis of the “connectivity” between different parts of the brain in hundreds of healthy people found a correlation between how well wired-up some individuals were to their cognitive abilities and general success in life, scientists said.
DARPA is testing implanting chips in soldiers’ brains | FusionAnd it just might be the secret to unlocking artificial intelligence.
How the brain can stop action on a dime: Researchers identify neurons that can abruptly halt a planned behavior — ScienceDailyScientists have identified the precise nerve cells that allow the brain to make a split-second change of course, like jamming on the brakes.” id=”metasummary
Prosthetic hand lets man actually feel what he touches for the first time – News – Gadgets and Tech – The IndependentResearchers have created a prosthetic hand that people can actually feel through, for the first time ever.
Mindfulness may make memories less accurate — ScienceDailyMindfulness meditation is associated with all sorts of benefits to mental and physical well-being, but a new study suggests that it may also come with a particular downside for memory. 
 Study uses internet, social media to show how fracking documentary influenced public perception, political change
Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results | Science | The GuardianOf 100 studies published in top-ranking journals in 2008, 75% of social psychology experiments and half of cognitive studies failed the replication test
A Movie You Can Control With Your Mind? It’s Happening.The future is now.
First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab, researchers claim | Science | The GuardianResearch team say tiny brain could be used to test drugs and study diseases, but scientific peers urge caution as data on breakthrough kept under wraps
Scientists discover atomic-resolution secret of high-speed brain signaling | KurzweilAIThis illustration shows a protein complex at work in brain signaling. Its structure, which contains joined protein complexes known as SNARE (shown in blue,
 ‘Brain signature’ that predicts human emotions discovered
Think Your Conscious Brain Directs Your Actions? Think Again – Singularity HUB
How Tiny Lab-Grown Human Brains Are Giving Big Insights Into Autism – Singularity HUBFirst came lab-grown mini-hearts, then 3D printed skin. Now scientists have taken “body on a chip” to a whole new level with tiny lab-grown human brains.
Watching a tumor grow in real-time — ScienceDaily
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Infants use expectations to shape their brains
Best and Worst of Neuroscience and Neurology – June 2015 | Brain Blogger
Science Daily Exponential Technologies The emerging science of human screams
Can neuroscience solve the mystery of how students learn? | Teacher Network | The GuardianEducational neuroscience burst onto the scene with the hope of unlocking the secret of how we learn. But the jury is out as to whether it’s useful in the classroom
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Neuroscientists decipher brain’s noisy code
Study explains how output of single neurons can predict behavior on perceptual tests
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Scientists ‘watch’ rats string memories together
A Calm Look at the Most Hyped Concept in Neuroscience – Mirror Neurons | WIREDThe exaggerated and oversimplified story about mirror neurons has been swallowed whole by the media and much of the public. In fact, there is no scientific research that directly backs some of the most widely reported claims.The exaggerated and oversimplified story about mirror neurons has been swallowed whole by the media and much of the public. In fact, there is no scientific research that directly backs some of the most widely reported claims.
Animal brains connected up to make mind-melded computerThe power of rats’ and monkeys’ brains has been pooled by wiring them up. If we could do the same with humans, it could allow non-verbal collaboration
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Rats ‘dream’ paths to a brighter future
When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Rare neurons enable mental flexibility
Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Why parrots are great vocal imitators
Regions of bird’s brain likely duplicated at least 29 million years ago
Science Daily Exponential TechnologiesConsciousness has less control than believed, according to new theory — ScienceDaily
Neuroscience Proves We Buy On Emotion & Justify With Logic & Why Deals Get Stuck In No Decision | CustomerThink
Throughout history, humans have associated creativity and madness — now science has found a true link – SFGateIn a study published June 8 in Nature Neuroscience, researchers say they have now found genetic variants that can predict both creativity and a predisposition towards…
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Not like riding a bike: New motor memories need stabilizing
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Emotional brains ‘physically different’ from rational ones
The Digital Revolution Meets the Human Brain | Alvaro FernandezTo predict the future, it helps to examine one key leading indicator of tech investment: patent activity.
The Science Of How Memories And Past Experience Influence What We Eat – ForbesEveryday life means moving through an array of flavorful temptations: food ads, restaurant signs, and snack machines. All of these compete for attention, and ultimately for a buying and eating decision. But the human brain doesn’t behave like a computer, evaluating these inputs and optimizing the best one. Food choices […]
fMRI memory detectors can be easily fooled, scientists show — ScienceDailyReal-time brain scans coupled with a machine-learning algorithm can reveal whether a person has memory of a particular subject. Now, scientists have shown that, with a little bit of concentration, people can easily hide their memories from the computer.” id=”metasummary
Injectable electronics: New system holds promise for basic neuroscience, treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases — ScienceDailyAn international team of researchers has developed a method for fabricating nano-scale electronic scaffolds that can be injected via syringe. Once connected to electronic devices, the scaffolds can be used to monitor neural activity, stimulate tissues and even promote regenerations of neurons.” id=”metasummary
Rise of the robo-brain: Tiny flexible electronics are injected into the brains of mice to mesh with cells | Daily Mail OnlineA team of experts from Harvard University and the National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing used mesh electronics (pictured) to monitor brain activity in mice.
 Delay of gratification linked to how brain structures are connected
Thync: company launches mood-changing wearable that zaps brains – News – Gadgets and Tech – The IndependentA newly-released headset hopes to wake people up or calm them down by manipulating the electricity in their brain.
 Preventive neuroradiology: Brain imaging bolsters efforts to lower Alzheimer’s risk
Research solves mystery of memory and mood – UQ News – The University of Queensland, Australia
A patient’s budding cortex — in a dish? Networking neurons thrive in 3-D human ‘organoid’ — ScienceDaily
Hopes raised for treatment of severe amnesia after scientists retrieve lost memory – using light – Science – News – The IndependentLost memories have been retrieved with the help of light in a study that could further the understanding and treatment of patients with severe amnesia following injury or disease.
 Even when we’re resting, our brains are preparing us to be social
 Brain circuit that controls decisions that induce high anxiety identified
 Acquiring ‘perfect’ pitch may be possible for some adults
Brain signals contain the code for your next move | EurekAlert! Science NewsIs it possible to tap into the signalling in the brain to figure out what you will choose to do next? Hiroshi Ito, a researcher at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology, can now say yes. Ito has just published a description of how this happens in this week’s edition of Nature.
 Brain tumors: Millimeter by millimeter towards a better prognosis
Researchers find brain area that integrates speech’s rhythms | EurekAlert! Science NewsA team led by scientists at Duke University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has discovered an area of the brain that is sensitive to the timing of speech. The new study advances our understanding of how humans make sense of spoken language.
Happiness cafe, the Serotonin Eatery in Melbourne aims to boost your moodFIVE years ago Emily Arundel found herself in constant mood slumps as she battled depression.
Surge in US ‘brain-reading’ patents – BBC NewsThere is a dramatic rise in the number of technology patents filed that relate to reading brainwaves.