First Robocop to join Dubai Police ranksIf any place in the world is moving towards a Bladerunner-esque, sci-fi future, it’s Dubai. The city is now introducing robots into its police force with the first cop-bot starting work this week and plans for 25 percent of its force to be robotic by 2030.
The robotic brain surgeon will see you now: drill can perform complex procedures 50 times fasterScientists have revealed a robotic drill that can cut the most sensitive brain surgery down from two hours to two and a half minutes.
Robot dog makes first parcel delivery to house in BostonBoston Dynamics has been putting its robotic dog to work delivering packages in Boston as it part of a mission to find commercial uses for the machine.
World’s First Deep-Sea Mining Venture Set to Launch in 2019 | RealClearFutureWorld’s First Deep-Sea Mining Venture Set to Launch in 2019 | RealClearFuture
Tree on a chip could lead to sugar-powered robots​If you’re a regular reader of New Atlas, then you know that scientists enjoy putting things on chips. Now, a team of MIT researchers has gone outside the human body in its chip enthusiasm and put an entire tree on a chip, sort of. The development could lead to improved hydraulics in tiny robots.
You can control this robot with your thoughts just by watching it work – ScienceAlertMeet the new quality control.
How do you build a robot army?
A deep dive into building robots from scratch, and their controlling hive mind.
Walking robot takes first steps into the marketSome day in the not-too-distant future, a bipedal robot may carry a package to your front door. That scenario is envisioned by Jonathan Hurst, CTO of Agility Robotics. To that end, his group has developed an ostrich-like two-legged walking robot … and it’s called Cassie.​
uArm Swift home robot designed not to cost an arm and a legPrice is a problem for consumer robot arms, so they generally aren’t worth it for interested tinkerers. Ufactory has unveiled new consumer-level robot arms, the uArm Swift and Swift Pro, that are aimed at being cheap enough to splash out on, even if all it does is stir your coffee for you.
Reinventing the Robot: Soft Robotics Could Be the Next Step | Yale Scientific Magazine“The Robot” dance is all about restricted, unnatural motion. Robotic systems are often mocked for their painful inability to comprehend nuance or intent in logical rules. In the Star War’s universe, AT-ATs move inexorably forward, yet are tripped up for their inability to adapt. Robots, in our fiction and in our factories, have always been…
AI robot ‘friend’ launched to chat and play games with lonely elderly A talking robot which chats to elderly people, reminding them to take their medication and stay active, has been launched in London.
LG’s robo-helper fleet rolls into CES​LG has arrived at CES with not one, but four robo-assistants designed to help around the home, indoors and out, and in public places like airports.
SNU Designs Helpful Robots Inspired By NatureThese robots are inspired by nature to help humans.
Reconfigure This Robot However You’d LikeThis robot can become anything you want.
13-foot-tall Korean mech suit aims to assist with Fukushima cleanupA Moldovan-American master designer and a Korean robotics company have teamed up to build a giant, walking mech suit robot that looks like it’s just lumbered off the set of Avatar or Pacific Rim – with fully articulating arms that mimic the pilot’s movements.
Meet the Most Incredible Robots of 2016In a year of rapid developments in robotics, we look back at ten robots that made news for reasons good, bad and weird.
Watch 14 Robotic Arms Teach Each Other How to Grasp ObjectsThese robots are teaching each other.
The first autonomous, entirely soft robot | Harvard GazettePowered by a chemical reaction controlled by microfluidics, 3D-printed ‘octobot’ has no electronics | Developed by a team of Harvard researchers, the first autonomous, entirely soft robot is powered by a chemical reaction controlled by microfluidics. The 3-D-printed “octobot” has no electronics.
Touch Technology Bring Us Closer to Robotic Prosthetics | RealClearFutureTouch Technology Bring Us Closer to Robotic Prosthetics | RealClearFuture
Dobot lends a robotic hand to small businessesRunning a small business is hard enough without trying to compete with a factory full of robotic arms. Now a startup has unveiled the Dobot M1, a consumer-level programmable robotic arm with swappable tool heads and kits for soldering, sorting, engraving, cutting, 3D printing and manufacturing.
Atlas the Life-Sized Robot Just Became a Bit More HumanHumanoid robots just got a major upgrade: they can walk! A new “walking algorithm” has been developed at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) for Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot.
New exoskeleton takes injury-prevention to the maxEarlier this year, suitX announced what it claimed was the world’s most affordable mobility exoskeleton, the Phoenix. Designed for disabled users, it utilizes motors to move their legs for them. Now, the company has unveiled a product that could make a lot of other peoples’ lives easier.
You Will Never Have to Cook Again When World’s First Robotic Chef Comes to Market | TrendinTechImagine never having to cook ever again but still having the luxury of eating, fine, restaurant quality dishes, within the comfort of your own home. And no, we
Extreme Mars: Future Missions May Be Assisted by Humanoid RobotsNASA donated a humanoid robot to MIT’s CSAIL to give students the opportunity to develop algorithms that could be used as part of NASA’s Space Robotics Challenge. The challenge, which aims to create robots that could assist, or even potentially replace, human astronauts on extreme space missions, offers a $1,000,000 prize.
Bio-Robots: Animal-Inspired MachinesOur most promising robots actually arise from the infinite variety of nature. Meet the biomimetic bots of the future.
Amazing humanoid robot does press-ups and SWEATS to keep itself cool – Mirror OnlineJapanese researchers have come up with a way to make humanoid robots sweat like humans
Doors Are No Obstacle For This Quadruped RobotThis dog-like robot climbs fences and opens doors.
Google teaches robots to teach each otherRobots have the potential to instantly share all the skills they’ve learned with other robots simply by transmitting the information over a network. It is this “cloud robotics” that Google researchers are looking to take advantage of to help robots gain skills more quickly.
Engineers Just Created the First Untethered, One-Legged RobotThe robot is capable of hopping 19 times in just 7 seconds thanks to a linear elastic actuator in parallel. The success of the hopping bot opens up a perspective in the study of locomotion control algorithms.
Robot Companions: A New Breed of Social Machines [INFOGRAPHIC]Forget Gort, T-1000, and, you know…Arnold Schwarzenegger. These robots are cute and cuddly.
Do androids dream of folding laundry? Robots take center stage at CEATEC Japan 2016Singing vacuum cleaners, robots that fold your laundry, droids that help you raise your game … sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel? Well, fiction just got real.
MIT Is Making Robots With Shock-Absorbing SkinUsing a 3D printer and alternating materials, we can now make shock absorbing skins for application in robotics. The new material can help make a wide variety of products more durable.
Mini quadruped robot may bound its way into your heartAlthough people are fascinated by quadruped robots such as those made by Boston Dynamics.
The Age of Bionics: Paralyzed Pregnant Woman Completes the Great North RunPregnant and paralyzed runner, Claire Lomas was able to finish the UK’s Great North Run. Using an exoskeleton, she was able to complete the course in 5 days.
Your Field Guide to the Many Robots of Boston Dynamics | Digital TrendsFascinated by Boston Dynamics’ many robots? Here is our roundup of its most famous creations, the large and the small, the fast and the powerful.
Lowe’s Debuts Its Autonomous Robot Assistant: The LoweBotLowe’s is releasing its LoweBot to selected Bay Area stores. The robot is designed to help customers find the items they need, and to help take inventory.
Interview: How to build a lionfish-killing robotLionfish are slow-moving environmental disasters and RISE is working to develop a lionfish-killing robot to help contain or even reverse the problem. New Atlas caught up with RISE’s executive director John Rizzi to discuss the piscatorial Terminator.
Chemically-powered, autonomous Octopus could spawn a new generation of soft robotsA team of Harvard engineers have come up with a robot octopus that is autonomous, and requires no tether to operate. Called the “Octobot,” it combines 3D printing, mechanical engineering, and microfluidics to create what could be the first in a new generation of soft, autonomous machines.
Soft robotic caterpillar uses light to get a wriggle onResearchers may have opened the door to tiny, millimeter-scale soft robots, by developing a robotic caterpillar that can climb slopes and move loads and is powered and controlled purely by external light.
Adorable Robot Assistant Pepper Now Available in the US
This Remarkable Robo-Octopus is Heading to an Ocean Near YouSoft robotics have stepped in to allow machines to work in an environment where conventional, hard-bodied robots can get in trouble. Scientists drew inspiration from an octopus to demonstrate just what they can do.
We Are One Step Closer To Making A Terminator-Like RobotThis robot is covered in artificial multifilament muscles.
Spherical cells free up modular CellRobot designToy robots are pretty commonplace these days, and plenty are modular as well, but with its spherical “cells” the CellRobot looks more versatile than most, coming together as everything from an RC racer to a home security guard.
Meet Photon: The Robot That Grows With Your ChildIt’s a smart coding coach that helps develop your child’s logical thinking.
Rolling robot climbs like a tankThe Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a serpent curled around in a circle, consuming its own tail. It also lends its name to Ourobot, a circular shape-shifting all-terrain robot developed by four students at Germany’s Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.
Single-motor bots crawl, swim and climb with a wiggle and a waveOver the years, we’ve seen a number of robots inspired by the animals kingdom. Inspired by the movement of snakes, an Israeli research team has now developed a bot that’s said to be the first in the world to produce pure wave motion using a single motor.
Ford’s factory robots make coffee and give fist bumps | TechRadarNew robots installed at Ford’s factory in Cologne can be trained to do many tasks, including making coffee.
Shrimps’ eye-rolling behaviour could end up in robotsIf you should ever see a mantis shrimp rolling its eyes, that doesn’t mean it’s exasperated. Instead, it may simply be utilizing its polarization vision. That’s what scientists at the University of Bristol have determined, and their findings could have applications in fields such as robotics.
Airplane aerodynamics don’t apply to insects – FuturityA new law of aerodynamics custom made for flying bugs could help guide the design of tiny flying robots that mimic the wing motions of insects.
Artificial Human Heart May Just Be Possible Thanks to This Silicon StingrayBioengineering professor Kevin Kit Parker has created a robotic stingray imbued with live heart cells that have been programmed to respond to light, allowing them to steer the stingray bot in different directions. The big thing about this is that it can lead to a massive range of applications including the creator’s ultimate goal: creating a living, pumping artificial heart.
Researchers Are Teaching a Robot to Hunt Prey | Digital TrendsScientists at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland are teaching robots how to behave like predators.
Suction cups and deep learning AI help robot arm win Amazon’s warehouse picking challenge – TechSpotAmazon has crowned the winner of its second annual robot Picking Challenge. This year’s $25,000 top prize went to a machine that uses a combination of deep learning AI, depth-sensing cameras, and a “two fingered” gripper and suction cup to…
Meet The Van Gogh Of The Robot WorldeDavid stands for the Drawing Apparatus for Vivid Interactive Display.
Sony reveals plans to create a robot that bonds with humans  | Daily Mail OnlineThe announcement came at a meeting in Tokyo this week, and would see Sony re-enter the robotics field since abandoning its consumer robots Aibo and Qrio in in 2006. Pictured is a stock image.
Robots in Europe May Become “Electronic Persons”The European parliament’s committee on legal affairs submitted a draft proposing the taxation of robot employees, asking companies employing them to pay social security for them. The draft also states that all robots smart enough to be considered “electronic persons” must be added to a registry for tracking purposes.
Meet SpotMini, The Robot Best Friend You Never Knew You WantedBoston Dynamics, the company behind ATLAS, is now introducing us to its softer, friendly side with SpotMini–a friend that we can count on if we need anything around the house.
Intelligent robot that ‘remembers and learns’ could be scrapped after escaping a lab for a second time – Mirror OnlineThe Promobot IR77 has been fitted with artificial intelligence meaning that it learns from its experiences and surroundings and can remember everybody it meets


Robots Are Beginning To Learn The Same Way As HumansIt uses trial and error to perfect complex tasks.
Trainee robot office manager Betty starts two month trial as artificial intelligence enters workplace – Mirror OnlineTeam meetings will never be the same again for one work group who have taken on a humanoid staff member


Scientists just started teaching robots to feel pain – ScienceAlertOuch!
The real-life inventions turning people into CYBORGS with super-human powers – Mirror OnlineThe idea of implanting technology in your body may make you feel a bit squeamish, but these people are becoming cyborgs voluntarily
Stanford’s Humanoid Diving Robot Goes Where Humans Can’t – RealClearLife
Watch insect robot use static to stick landing – FuturityTo help a insect-size robot perch, researchers turned to electrostatic adhesion—the same science that makes your hair stand straight out from your head.
London man with a bionic that can even charge his phone revealed | Daily Mail OnlineFour years ago tomorrow, James Young’s life changed for ever in a freak accident when he fell under a train. The 26-year-old from London damaged his left arm.
These Five Exponential Trends Are Accelerating Robotics
Who Is Ready for Baseball’s Robot Umpires? – WSJWith the proliferation of technology in modern lives, Jason Gay asks where professional sports should draw the line.
KFC opens futuristic restaurant run by ROBOTS called Dumi in ShanghaiThe SunThe Sun
France shows off humanoid underwater exploration robot – The Denver PostFrench officials have unveiled a humanoid diving robot that they hope will give a big artificial hand to the practice of underwater archaeology.
A Levitating Sled Just Set a New World Speed RecordThe U.S. Air Force at the Holloman Base in New Mexico made a new world record when their designed maglev sled reached a speed of 1,109 km/h (633 mph).
The Aido Robot May Become The Newest “Person” In Your HouseholdThis multi-talented robot can help you get a whole bunch of things done at home. And keep you safe.
Robots That Are Stealing Our Jobs – Business InsiderIt’s an inevitability.
Check Out This Walking Robot—3D Printed and Fully Functional in Just 22 HoursWhat do you get when you give MIT researchers an inkjet printer and 22 hours? A walking, fully functional 3D printed robot.


Meet Apple’s newest development in iPhone recycling: Liam, the 29-armed robot | Waste DiveWaste management industry news, voices and jobs for professionals. Optimized for your mobile phone.
Google’s New ‘Hive-Mind’ Robots Learn From One AnotherThese 14 robots receive their train thanks to convolutional neural networks, and they share their knowledge with their fellows.


Robot Revolution: These Are the Breakthroughs You Should Watch – Singularity HUB
Watch These 100 Gram Robots Pull a 4000 Pound CarBecause of their remarkable strength, ants have long been a model for engineers. Now, scientists have used them to complete a rather impressive feat – moving a car.
This Robot Just Made a Hole-in-One on a PGA TourLDRIC the (kind of creepy looking) Golf Robot managed to sink a hole-in-one on the par-3 sixteenth hole.
Eying the Future: Doctors to Use Robotic System for Eye SurgeryOxford University is going to conduct high-risk eye surgeries using robots.
This Remarkable Robot Hand Is Worthy of Luke Skywalker – Singularity HUB
The Latest Generation Atlas Humanoid Robot Is Absolutely Incredible | TechCrunch Ready to feel bad for a pile of circuit boards? Wait ’til about a minute and twenty seconds into this video…
Robotics spending to hit $135.4 billion by 2019, says IDC | ZDNetThe forecast comes as Alphabet’s Boston Dynamics unit releases a video of its next-gen Atlas robot.
Researchers from Sheffield Robotics have applied a novel method of automatically programming and controlling a swarm of up to 600 robots to complete a specified set of tasks simultaneously.” 
Robot Firefighters are Finally HereIn the future, firemen may be get a helping hand from technology to help put out fires–in the form of fire fighting robots.
Would you bet against sex robots? AI ‘could leave half of world unemployed’ | Technology | The GuardianComputer scientist Moshe Vardi tells colleagues that change could come within 30 years, raising the question: ‘What will humans do?’
Watch this robot chameleon blend in with its surroundings (Wired UK)Just like some living chameleons this robotic reptile is able to change its colour to match its surroundings
A Swarm of Autonomous Robots is Heading to an Ocean Near YouThese little guys are able to generate artificial neural networks that let the robots perform autonomously.
Robots in warehouses for online shopping – Tech InsiderThey’re even more nimble than Amazon’s robots.
Robotic vehicles offer a new tool in study of shark behavior — ScienceDailyThe dramatic video footage of a great white shark attacking the REMUS SharkCam autonomous underwater vehicle
Should you let a security robot patrol your home? | ZDNetLG’s new “augmented reality” vac pulls double duty as a robotic rent-a-cop. Are we ready for autonomous home security?
Disney VertiGo Robot Climbs Walls, Flies and Jumps: – News Independent
Meet Nadine, the world’s most human-like robot – TelegraphScientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore say robots like Nadine will one day play a part in the workforce
 Teaching machines to see
New smartphone-based system could accelerate development of driverless cars
Humans 2.0: How the robot revolution is going to change how we see, feel, and talk – TechRepublicRobots aren’t going to replace us, but by working hand in hand with us they will redefine what it means to be human.
Codie Robot Now Taking Pre-Orders For Q1 2016 Delivery (video) – Geeky GadgetsAfter launching back in 2013 and raising funds from a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, the educational Codie robot is now available to pre-order for delivery in the first quarter of 2016
 Roboticists learn to teach robots from babies
This dancing space robot is cool (but illustrates important limitations) | ZDNetValkyrie is arguably the most sophisticated humanoid ever built. But even NASA can’t make a robot walk like a human.


DARPA seeks “non-traditional” robotics innovators | ZDNetCalling all makers: The government needs new robotics solutions
HitchHiker’s Guide 2 Tech: Tiny robot powers itself by capturing energy from the environment
Microbot Push Is A Smart Button For Dumb Devices | TechCrunchSouth Korean startup Naran launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today for a smart button meant to control analog devices ranging from speakers to..
Robot builder designed for construction sites | Reuters  Zurich-based architects and roboticists have created the In-situ Fabricator, an autonomous construction robot capable of laying bricks into pre-programmed structures. Designers at the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital
Photos: Robots battle to tackle the aftermath of a nuclear meltdown | ZDNetInspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident, the recent euRathlon outdoor robotics competition set out to test how well robots cope with realistic mock emergency-response situations.
How to fall gracefully, if you’re a robot: Algorithm allows robot to react to falling to minimize damage — ScienceDaily
UN delay could open door to robot wars, say experts | Science | The GuardianObservers say UK and US are seeking to water down agreement so that any autonomous weapons deployed before talks conclude will be beyond reach of ban
Google exec: With robots in our brains, we’ll be godlike – CNETFuturist and Google exec Ray Kurzweil thinks that once we have robotic implants, we’ll be funnier, sexier and more loving. Because that’s what artificial intelligence can do for you.
Robots: Our New Underwater AstronautsSoon, it may be easier to design, plan and carry out infrastructure operations in deep water. The EU project called “SWARMs” aims to achieve this by integrating autonomous vehicles such as ROVs and AUVs. Oil and gas production is moving into increasingly deeper waters, offshore wind turbines and wave energy plants are being installed, and minerals on the sea floor are waiting to be exploited, increasing the need for robots.
Rethink’s Sawyer robot is now on sale | BetaBostonThe company’s newest robot, Sawyer, goes on sale Wednesday and marks the company’s first foray into new applications, including electronics manufacturing. It
Realistic cockroach robot developed by Russian university | Science! |
Photos: How Spot, the military robot dog, sniffs out enemies | ZDNetThe US Marine Corps has been putting Boston Dynamics four-legged Spot robot through its paces.
Pepper the robot buyers must sign contract saying it won’t be used for sex or porn | Daily Mail OnlineJapan-based SoftBank included a clause in the ownership contract which said using Pepper the robot (pictured) for ‘the purpose of sexual or indecent behavior’ breaks this rental agreement.
 Mind your manners, robot: How social cues influence human-robot interaction


5 Robot Arms You Can Buy Soon — Robotics | Make:Version2Check out these five amazing robotic arms that will hit the market soon.
Marines test Google’s latest military robot | PCWorldThe latest version of a walking, quadruped battlefield robot from Boston Dynamics, the military robotics maker owned by Google X, was tested by U.S. Marines last week.


The New Roomba 980 Can Now Watch Your Dirt | TechCrunchIt knows when you’ve been sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it knows when your kids spilled Rice Krispies next to the couch and covered the spill with the..
Robots are going to steal the jobs of chefs, salespeople and models, researchers say as they unveil full list of likely robot professions – News – Gadgets and Tech – The IndependentScientists have created a huge, in-depth analysis of what jobs are under threat from robots — with salesmen, chefs and even models all in the firing line.
Kid Gets Awesome New Bionic Hand, Reminds Us Not Everything Is Garbage | Gizmodo AustraliaThe stock market is tanking, North and South Korea are on the brink of war and a cartoon character from a dystopian future is the most popular candida…
Robots helping small businesses scale craftsmanship | ZDNetAffordable automation has arrived for small businesses, but there’s still room for humans,
Watch Google’s terrifying humanoid robot running through a forest | Daily Mail OnlineIt may have fared badly in the recent robo-olympics, but Google has revealed its humanoid robot has been set free in the woods to learn how to run through terrain.
Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants – The Washington PostMany chains are already at work looking for ways to take humans out of the picture.
Robot-maker Savioke announces partnership with major hotel chain | ZDNetDon’t tip the hotel delivery bot.
 Service robot classifies, smooths and folds clothes
Scientists make a robot that can have babiesEveryone who thinks robots are going to take over the world might be getting a lot more frightened: Scientists have created a machine that’s able to have babies. Sort of.
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Giving robots a more nimble grasp
Engineers use the environment to give simple robotic grippers more dexterity.
These Uncanny Creepy Valley robots will really creep you out (Wired UK)Japanese robotics professor Masahiro Mori devised the concept of the ‘uncanny valley’ in 1970. It’s the point at which a robot is made to appear so human-like — if not quite human enough — that it inspires feelings of uneasiness and revulsion in we mere mortals.
We Should Not Ban ‘Killer Robots,’ and Here’s Why – IEEE SpectrumWhat we really need is a way of making autonomous armed robots ethical, because we’re not going to be able to prevent them from existing
Watch this robotic water-strider hop on top of water – LA TimesBioinspired robotic water strider can hop on water, researcher say
Artificial Intelligence Advances: Robot Shows Signs of Self-Awareness | Collective-Evolution“I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence. First, the machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well. A few decades after that, though, the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern.” ~ Bill Gates AI […]
Episode 3 of Ask an Expert Now Online: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? [Video] – Singularity HUB
Watch This Swarm of Simple Robots Do Surprisingly Complex Things – Singularity HUB
Object recognition for robots: Robots’ maps of their environments can make existing object-recognition algorithms more accurate — ScienceDailyA team of researchers specializes in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, the technique whereby mobile autonomous robots map their environments and determine their locations. Now these researchers have demonstrated how SLAM can be used to improve object-recognition systems, which will be a vital component of future robots that have to manipulate the objects around them in arbitrary ways.” id=”metasummary
Feds Spend $1.2 Million for Robots to Dress Old People | Washington Free Beacon‘Fruitful collaborations between robots and humans’
Chinese factory replaces 90% of humans with robots, production soars – TechRepublicChangying Precision Technology Company in Dongguan city has set up an unmanned factory run almost entirely by robots. The factory has since seen a fewer defects and a higher rate of production.
New generation of robotics are industry-agnostic, open-source | ZDNetFetch Robotics is banking on an alluring strategy: Build a highly flexible platform, pick a foothold industry, and then conquer the world.
10 Robot Fails (and What They Mean for Machine Learning)At PSFK, we’re the first to acknowledge the entertainment value of watching robot fails in elementary tasks.
My Way News – Hitchhiking robot embarking on coast-to-coast tour across USHitchhiking robot embarking on coast-to-coast tour across US
We have liftoff! 3D-printed, soft-bodied robot makes explosive jumps | Ars TechnicaCan direct itself for dozens of half-meter hops.
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Robotics and the law: When software can harm you
Are Seahorses the Secret to Robots? – The Daily BeastWith unique square-shaped tails, seahorses can bend and twist while still maintaining a resistance to crushing. How their anatomy may be a game changer for robotic engineers.
Robots on the march – BBC NewsA range of robots are on display at the Innorobo event in France, including the most advanced domestic robot to go on sale to the public.
iRobot co-founder wants a drone in every home | ZDNetIndustrial drone-maker CyPhy Works, headed by iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner, is taking a sharp turn with a new drone marketed at … just about everyone.
flexible is the new fast: how collaborative robots are redefining automation – Rethink RoboticsCollaborative robots were developed to address the lower volume, higher mix applications that have historically been impractical to automate.
‘Pepper’ the emotional robot, sells out within a minute – CNN.comA new robot, designed to emotionally interact with humans, sold out within a minute of its consumer release on Saturday. ” name=”description
Pepper robot to go on sale to public in Japan – BBC NewsPepper, the humanoid robot that its makers say can recognise and respond to human emotions, goes on sale in Japan this weekend.
This robot will take sick kids on a virtual trip to the zoo If everything goes to plan, the mildly terrifying robot in the image above could bring joy to some deserving children later this year. Robots For Good is
DARPA Robotics Challenge (Photos)The finalists in the DARPA Robotics Challenge faced off this weekend in a series of eight tasks meant to tease out which machines had the right stuff to help humans respond to natural and man-made disasters.

Doctor, Butler & Bodyguard: Meet the Futuristic Robot that Does It All

 Robot eyes will benefit from insect vision
Using Minecraft to unboggle the robot mind — ScienceDaily
Korea’s Team KAIST wins the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge | VentureBeat | Gadgets | by Jordan NovetThe Olympics of robotics shows that robots can perform a range of helpful tasks, even when their human operators can’t always immediately tell them what to do.

Korean Robot Makers Walk Off With $2 Million Prize

Robots compete in Fukushima-inspired US challenge | ABS-CBN NewsRobots from six countries including the United States, Japan and South Korea went diode-to-diode Friday in a disaster response challenge inspired by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown.
The Pentagon Wants These Robots To Save The Day : The Two-Way : NPRA competition in California is trying to ready robots for disaster response. But the bots have a ways to go.
Robots That Heal and Then Self-DestructRobots that heal and then dissolve inside of a human body, or otherwise self-destruct, have been under development for several years now, and MIT has come up with some that look like origami creations and weigh in at well under a gram. The origami-like creations developed by the MIT researchers are remarkably powerful for their […]
Robots match human dexterity and speed – StarTribune.comThe so-called machine-learning approach links powerful software techniques that make it possible for the robot to learn new tasks rapidly with a relatively small amount of training.
DALI: Robot Walker for Elderly People in Public Spaces | Science and Technology
 Underwater robot swarms use collective cognition to perform tasks
The New Robot Exhibit That Blasts You Into the FutureEver thought you’d play tic-tac-toe with a robot? Or watch mini bots play soccer? How about have a droid mimic your every move? You’ll do it all at the Museum of Science and Industry’s summer blockbuster.
Disney Research Lab Creates 3D Printed Robots that Emulate Animated Characters – 3DPrint.comAs annual passholders to Disney, my family and I spend many weekends there getting more than our money’s worth of fun–as well as deep inspiration. While I lumber in the familiar heat, carrying our well-worn family backpack that weighs as much as a baby Chewbacca, I am peppered with lively, enthus…
‘Mr. Robot’ Series Premiere Preview: Hackers As Underground HeroesWe preview USA’s original vigilante hacker series ‘Mr. Robot’ – starring Christian Slater and Rami Malek.
Watch a robotic cockroach launch a robotic bird – CNETResearchers at the University of California, Berkeley have designed a system that allows its VelociRoach robot to launch an ornithopter micro-aerial vehicle.
 New algorithm lets autonomous robots divvy up assembly tasks on the fly
10 Most Shockingly Human-Like Robots In The World – TheRichestWhether we like it or not, the Age of Robots is upon us. With the rapid growth of technology, and the amount of money being put into robotics labs and…
Beware the wounded robot: scientists develop machines that adapt to injury | Technology | The GuardianResearchers reproduce ‘animal-like’ ability to adopt new movements in response to damage, seen as crucial step towards widespread use of smart machines
Scientists create self-healing robots with ‘Borg-like’ ability to adapt to damage | South China Morning PostIntelligent robots that can adapt to injury, or even become more powerful under attack, are a mainstay of science fiction. Now scientists have developed the real-life version: robots that can “adapt like animals” to injuries and recover within…
‘World’s first’ robot kitchen cooks for visitors at CES Asia in Shanghai | South China Morning PostVisitors to the inaugural Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia in Shanghai on Monday were cooked food by a robotic kitchen, the first of its kind according to its creators….
Robots Get a Grip on Meat and Vegetables | MIT Technology ReviewAdvances in robotics make it possible to automate tasks such as processing poultry and vegetables.
Paralysed man controls robotic arm with intentionWashington, May 22 (IANS) In a pioneering feat, a team of US scientists has developed a novel system that allows a patient to control the movement of his…
New approach trains robots to match humans’ dexterity and speed – TwinCities.comBERKELEY, Calif. — In an engineering laboratory here, a robot has learned to screw the cap on a bottle, even figuring out the need to apply a subtle backward twist to find the thread before turning it the right way.
Ragnar Robotics to Release Open Source Educational Deltabot Platform – Details Revealed at RoboUniverse –
 Robotic sonar system inspired by bats
Tiny Micro Tug robots can pull 1800 times their own weight | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & AnalysisTiny Micro Tug robots can pull 1800 times their own weight – Researchers have developed lightweight robots that use strong and “smart” adhesive surfaces to pull up to 1,800 times their own weight.
WorkZone: Is a robotic future Pittsburgh’s revenge? | Pittsburgh Post-GazetteIn “Rise of the Robots,” Martin Ford predicts few jobs will be safe from new robots and computer technologies. 
Scientists want to send a fish-like ‘soft robot’ to swim the oceans of Europa – The Washington PostCornell researchers want to create a squid-like underwater rover to explore one of the many moons of Jupiter.
Military pushes for emergency robots as skeptics worry about lethal uses – The Washington PostA Pentagon contest of robots for rescue missions fuels imaginations — and anxiety — about the future.
New York hotel Yotel employs robot to help visitors with their luggage | Daily Mail OnlineYotel, a hotel in New York, now has a robot called the Yobot designed to help visitors with their luggage storage during the spare time before and after checkout.
Step inside the secret robot house – BBC NewsIn a leafy cul-de-sac in the Home Counties sits an ordinary semi with some extraordinary inhabitants.
‘Robotic pets may replace real ones in a decade’ | Business Standard NewsRead more about ‘Robotic pets may replace real ones in a decade’ on Business Standard. Robotic pets could replace their living counterparts by 2025 as our infatuation with technology grows and more people migrate to high-density city living, scientists claim. University of Melbourne animal welfare researcher Dr Jean-Loup Rault says
Artificial intelligence: should you be scared of angry robots? – TelegraphA New Zealand AI company is creating an extremely angry robot. But is this a cause for concern or an exciting computing development?
Robot swarms controlled with single-finger tablet swipe – E & T MagazineA new algorithm developed by American researchers enables operators to control large swarms of robots using a simple tablet computer and a beam of light.
Indian-origin teen Shubham Banerjee is Silicon Valley’s youngest entrepreneur – The Times of IndiaShubham built a Braille printer with a Lego robotics kit as a school science fair project.
Experts predict that one third of jobs will be replaced by robots – Business InsiderRise of the robots.
Yikes! Putin Will Soon Have Superhuman Robo-Soldiers! – Yahoo FinanceIt may not be sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, but for a leader bent on expanding his global sphere of influence, an army of soldiers equipped with mind-controlled robotic exoskeletons may be the next best thing. 
Pint-Size Humanoid Helps Customers at Japanese Bank – Japan Real Time – WSJA robot started greeting customers this week at a branch of Japan’s largest lender, the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, an innovation the bank says is a first among major financial institutions.

Are robot chefs coming to a kitchen near you?

Robotic process automation: The new IT job killer? | InfoWorldRobotic process automation has higher-value IT tasks in its cross-hairs but could be the best antidote to outsourcing yet