Soft and stretchy fabric-based sensors for wearable robots

Wearable technologies—from heart rate monitors to virtual reality headsets—are exploding in popularity in both the consumer and research spaces, but most of the electronic sensors that detect and transmit data from wearables are made of hard, inflexible materials that can restrict both the wearer’s natural movements and the accuracy of the data collected. Now, a team of researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University has created a highly sensitive soft capacitive sensor made of silicone and fabric that moves and flexes with the human body to unobtrusively and accurately detect movement.



Wearable ‘lab on a chip’ could test blood, sweat, or salad – FuturityThe new technology could test your blood or sweat to tell you if you’re sick or detect germs in your salad, all while sitting on your wrist.
New center will push frontiers of sensing technology | MIT NewsMIT unveils SENSE.nano, a “center of excellence” to help usher in the new age of ubiquitous sensing of our environment, our bodies, and our built systems.
Could blowing on a bracelet predict asthma attacks? – FuturityA new sensor measures lung inflammation in people with asthma. It’s small enough that it could eventually be part of wearable devices.
Light-equipped pillow waits for light sleep​By now, most people are familiar with sunrise alarm clocks. Well, Los Angeles-based Mode Modern has taken that concept and applied it to a pillow. The Sunrise Smart Pillow does more than just lighting up in the morning, however.
Watch the incredible moment a colour-blind grandpa sees colour for the first time – ScienceAlertGet out your tissues.
Solar-powered synthetic skin could give prostheses a sense of touchScientists are reporting a breakthrough in which they have integrated solar cells into a graphene-based electronic skin, raising the possibility of prosthetic limbs that are both sensitive to touch and entirely self-powered.
Arunachal boy develops goggles for blind, using parking sensor technology | india-news | Hindustan TimesThe Goggles for Blind (G4B) can be worn by the visually impaired, and using technology similar to parking sensors in cars, they can be alerted about nearby objects, without using a…
UTA Professor Invents Breath Monitor To Detect Flu « CBS Dallas / Fort WorthIt’s a revolutionary device that makes it possible to diagnose flu cases at home.
Humans Are Being Taught to Echolocate Like Dolphins – and It’s Surprisingly Easy
Portable sensor will alert you if you stinkIt could only have come from Japan. From the country that gave the world smart toilets comes a device that saves users from being socially ostracized by telling them whether or not they smell.
Bixi is a smart motion controller straight out of Minority Report | StuffSkip a song, get the lights, call your mum – all by waving your paw
Eavesdropping AI detects the tone of conversationsMIT researchers have developed a system that can detect whether the tone of a conversation is happy, sad or neutral. For those with conditions that make it difficult to understand regular social cues, this could offer a future where a digital social coach in the pocket could help relieve anxiety.
A New Sensor to See Through Walls | Make:The walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that can detect motion and speed, see through walls, and analyse materials to tell you their composition.
Heat-Seeking Robot Skin Senses Warm Bodies Like A SnakeTechnocrats in the robotics field are in a furious race to create robotic man, and skin plays an integral part. Heat-seeking skin can detect nearby humans.
Scientists develop device to detect 17 different diseases – just from patient’s breathAs far back as 400 BC, Hippocrates advised his students to smell their patients’ breath to detect if they were ill.
This New Wearable Health Monitor Can Stick to Almost AnythingResearchers have developed a process that prints high-performance, silicon-based computers on soft, sticker-like surfaces capable of fitting into the asymmetric contours of the body. 
Star Trek’s Medical Tricorders Have Made It to the Final Round of XPrizeTwo teams have advanced to the final round of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition to create a medical tricorder inspired by the one in the “Star Trek” television series. A handheld diagnostic device could improve healthcare tremendously, giving people instant access to information about their vital signs, illnesses, and more.
Hand-held breathalyzer identifies which foods don’t agree with youIt appears the gases coming out of our bodies may have something more to tell us besides the world’s oldest joke. Aire is a small, hand-held device that measures chemicals in your breath to help design a diet best suited to your specific digestive system.
“World’s smallest EKG” makes for a healthier smartwatchAlthough some smartwatches claim to be health-focused, a team based in the United Kingdom has set out to one-up them with the Cronovo. Capable of tracking stress levels, metabolism and heart rate, the company says its watch is the world’s smallest EKG.
Smart cane packs parking sensor tech and beeps when collisions are imminentThe mySmartCane system is the latest modern-day take on a centuries-old mobility aid, consisting of a ball that can be retrofitted to existing canes to equip them with parking sensor-like technology and give users a better sense of their surroundings.
Suit full of sensors may boost stroke rehabAfter stroke patients finish their programs at rehabilitation clinics, it’s important to know how they progress at home. That’s why a student at the University of Twente developed a sensor-laden suit that transmits data to therapists via the internet.
Patch captures sweat to track body’s response to exercise – FuturityA new device sticks to the skin, captures sweat, and can say if you need to drink more water, replenish electrolytes, or even seek medical help.
The ingenious ONUSblue alcohol and drug detection patchThe ONUSblue alcohol detection patch tells you when you’ve reached the legal threshold and has the potential to save millions of lives. The company’s product roadmap is even more interesting with the detection of marijuana, methamphetime and a range of illegal recreational substances to follow.
Nanobionic Implant Transforms Spinach Into a Bomb Detector
Monitor finds source of polluted air in your home – FuturityAirSense not only warns of a problem with indoor air, but also identifies the source of the pollution and offers suggestions on how to remedy the situation.
Bacteria with ‘thermostats’ could bring drugs to your gut – FuturityScientists report advances toward engineered bacteria that respond to temperature, including heat from ultrasound and fever.
“Diabetes breathalyzer” could put an end to the pokesOrdinarily, diabetes is diagnosed via painful and invasive blood tests. If research currently being performed at the University of Oxford is anything to go by, however, patients may soon just have to blow into a reusable breathalyzer-like device.
Elgato Eve Motion wireless sensor with HomeKit tech turns things off for you – SlashGearElgato has unveiled its latest product called the Eve Motion. As the name suggests the Eve Motion is a wireless motion sensor that has HomeKit tech inside. It
Look ma no hands! Gesture sensor will offer touch-free gadget controlNo doubt you’ve needed to control a device while keeping your hands free or while keeping your dirty hands clear of your expensive tech. Where hopelessness and frustration may previously have abounded, a new gesture-control device called the Bixi – now raising funds on Kickstarter – could help.
New Tech Allows Deaf People To Sense SoundsWith 28.8 million adults in the U.S. that could benefit from hearing aids, a new vest that translates sound into touch is a new frontier of auditory possibility. This vest is the latest tech that seeks to assist those with disability while also expanding the ways in which humans perceive the world.
Sensor-filled biobridge opening to foot traffic in the NetherlandsIn an effort to demonstrate the use of a construction material that is more sustainable than common alternatives, Dutch students have constructed a 14-m (46-ft) long footbridge out of hemp and flax fibers. The so-called “biobridge” is to be located in Eindhoven and will open this week.
This Sock Grants Sensation to Prosthetic FeetAustrian researchers have developed an affordable smart garment worn over prosthetic feet and ankles that provides sensation to amputees through vibrations. We can expect to see more smart garments for amputees and the team is already working on making a version for hands.
Self-Driving Car Sensors Just Got Smaller, Cheaper, and Better All at Once
Sound-sensing baby bed is set to rock your infant’s worldWhile babies are great in most ways, they’re not exactly conducive to getting a full night’s sleep. Realizing this, pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp joined forces with designer Yves Béhar and a team at MIT’s Media Lab to create a solution. The automated Snoo baby bed is the result.
Diet cutlery? Electronic spoons which make food taste sweeter on horizonDieters will be able to have their cake and eat it after scientists developed a device which makes low-sugar food taste sweeter.
Sixth Senses in the Animal World (Infographic)Think Superman’s got the market cornered on super senses? Think again.
Sensor tech in helmets signals when players need a breakIn one Florida school district, every high school player has one of the new “smart” helmets that track and measure blows to players’ heads.
New Platform to Offer Health Insights By Listening To Speech | Digital TrendsResearchers think using machine learning to analyze voices can reveal health-related insights.
Wearable sensors improve troop tracking and situational awareness without GPSThe British MoD has unveiled a new wearable sensor technology designed to keep track of squaddies and prevent friendly fire incidents. The Dismounted Close Combat Sensors (DCCS) system will allow commanders to track troops without GPS, while providing better situational awareness.
Say Hello To Your Very Own Smart Weather StationSKY detects rain gives real-time wind speed and direction, and measures UV index.
Hypoxia sensor to protect US fighter pilotsHypoxia is regarded as the biggest safety concern of the US fixed-wing air fleets, and now a new system for monitoring pilot breathing and collecting in-flight data on hypoxia incidents is being developed.
New sensor chip will give you quick analysis of your drinking waterThe new AquaDx chip will work with the hand-held MyDx portable analyzer to test for the presence of toxic chemicals or elements in water in about six minutes.
US Army tests drones that sniff out clouds of chemical agentsDrones are proving their worth in dangerous situations we don’t want to expose humans to. Now a team from the US Army’s Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center have tested a new pair of unmanned vehicles that can be used to detect chemical and biological agents on the battlefield or in an attack.
NFL Changes to “Smart Football” They have added a lightweight, quarter-sized sensor that will measure game data as things happen throughout the game.
Stride sensors step in to stop the elderly taking a tumbleEven the healthiest over-65s are at risk of taking a fall, but monitoring their movements can impact heavily on their independence. Researchers have developed a system to monitor elderly people in their homes, watching out for signs that a fall might be imminent and alerting caregivers.
Samsung is making Super-Fast “Digital-Eyes” Using IBM’s Brain-Imitating ChipUsing IBM’s TrueNorth, a brain-emulating chip, Samsung was able to improve its Dynamic Vision Sensor to consume much less power and control gadgets with hand gestures.
Vibrating railway tracks could power wireless warning sensorsTypically, at controlled railway crossings, hard-wired sensors are used to detect when trains are coming. Now, however, researchers at Britain’s University of Huddersfield are creating tiny wireless sensors that are powered by vibrations in the rails themselves.
Certain gestures wake up this always-on camera – FuturityA new always-on camera can watch for specific types of movement without draining batteries or running up electricity bills.
WalabotDIY gives home renovators x-ray visionFor DIY home improvers, avoiding gas lines, water pipes and wiring is tricky if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the house plan. That’s where WalabotDIY steps in, allowing avid home improvers to see what dangers might lurk behind an innocent wall.
Will foreign hackers disrupt the U.S. election? – FuturityThere is a real possibility that hacking could affect the November presidential election, warns Herbert Lin, a cyberpolicy and security expert.
Dust-sized sensors are the latest in health technologyAs health technology advances, it’s also getting smaller and more sophisticated. The latest biosensors are no larger than a speck of dust and they hold the potential to a range of life-enhancing possibilities.
Meet The Army’s New Darling, The Pocket-Sized Drone – VocativVocativ uses intelligent technology, smart journalists and the wisdom of the crowd to find story leads and angles no other news organization can.” data-reactid=”.2xcldxx5og.0.6:$0
Stun gun monitors targets’ heart rate – as it zaps themAlthough they’re generally safer than guns, conducted electrical weapons still have been implicated in deaths by cardiac arrest. In an effort to keep that from happening, researchers recently altered a CEW so that it could both deliver an electrical charge, and monitor the victim’s heart rate.
“Neural Dust” Sensors Monitor Neurons’ Electrical Signals | Digital TrendsUC Berkeley engineers say the “neural dust” is the first device of its kind that monitors neural activity in living animals.
Meet Lumo Run, the $100 sensor that will transform your workouts | MacworldLumo Run does one thing only, but does that one thing so well.
New Wearable Sensor To Monitor Sweat, Predict Muscle Fatigue – Tech NewsWashington: Scientists have developed a new wearable sensor that can detect lactate levels in your sweat and help predict problematic conditions such as muscle fatigue, stress and dehydration when you exercise. Human sweat can give insight to
Temporary tattoo tracks blood alcohol levelsNew ways of tracking the contents of our sweat has opened up some exciting possibilities in health monitoring, and alcohol sensors are a part of this mix. But a new flexible, tattoo-like sensor developed by US researchers might be the most discreet one we’ve seen yet.
MindScribe Gives Ability to Communicate Back to Those With Locked-in SyndromeNeuroSky, the company behind the StarWars “Force Trainer,” has released MindScribe, a headset capable of reading brainwaves and restoring communication for people with locked-in syndrome.
This Anti-Drone Rifle Can Shoot Down Any Pesky AircraftBattelle DroneDefender can zap drones up to 400 cm (1,312 ft) away.
US Air Force plan for ‘Space Mission Force’ to protect America using killer satellites | Daily Mail OnlineTo be called Space Mission Force,  the U.S. Air Force Space Command says the group will utilise existing satellites and weapons to ‘operate as warfighters’ in orbit.
These Biosensors Could Let Us Monitor The Health of Soldiers in CombatDARPA gave a $7.5 million grant to biotech company Profusa to further develop its biosensors that can give real-time updates on the health status of soldiers in battle.
Researchers Develop Wearable Ultra-Light Toxic Gas SensorsResearchers from MIT are developing a new wearable sensor that can detect toxic gases and send signals to wireless devices to warn users when they are in danger. The sensor weighs less than a credit card and can be easily worn by military personnel on the battlefield.
How sensors on locusts could help us detect bombs – FuturityEngineers are attaching sensors to locusts so they can monitor how the insects sniff out odors. The goal is to build tiny robots that detect explosives.
MLB Names Blast Motion Official Bat Sensor Amid Tech Push | Fox BusinessThe Blast Motion sensor, which attaches to the end of a traditional bat, tracks various metrics related to the baseball swing, including swing speed, efficiency and point of impact.
Smart Dust Is Coming: New Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt
The World’s Thinnest Bulletproof Armor?Graphene could one day be used to create the world’s thinnest bulletproof armor.
These Earbuds Give U.S. Troops Superhuman HearingInfantry combat is loud, and gunshots are an occupational hazard of being a soldier. The new TCAPS earbud aims to cut down on the din of war.
Research news – A new mobile phone app for grassroots mapping – University of Exeter
This cheap test diagnoses Zika in hours – FuturityResearchers built and tested this new Zika diagnostic test in about six weeks. It uses color-changing paper discs and costs $1 per use.
‘Smart Garbage’ Startup Cuts City Trash Costs by 40 PercentThe Internet of Things cloud solution by Compology uses sensors that detect garbage levels in city trash bins and notifies waste removal trucks when it’s time to collect.” name=”description
This Nanofiber Sensor Sniffs Disease Markers in Your BreathSoon, your smartphone may be able to smell your breath and tell you if you have a disease.
Never lose your keys again: How tiny trackers are making everyday objects smarter | ZDNetTrackR’s BLE trackers are getting built into pens and wallets, and coming with laptop bags.
A Scientific Breakthrough Brings Us Closer To A Weed Breathalyser | Gizmodo AustraliaLaw enforcement officers around the country are anxiously waiting on the day when a portable weed breathalyser becomes reality, so they can stop relyi…
Sensor tech driving new agricultural revolution | Business Weekly |Sensor technology is driving a new agricultural revolution that promises to transform food and other crop production. 
Sensor Made With ‘Chewing Gum’ Is Stretchable And Wearable : Tech : Science World ReportA team of scientists have created a new stretchable and wearable sensor using chewing gum.
Eye-tracking sensor maker makes play for video gamers | Tech/Gadgets | Malay Mail Online
A Look at Some of the Many Uses of Sensor TechnologyA look at the different startups and industries using sensor technology
Agrilyst Wants To Be The Google Analytics For Greenhouses | TechCrunchAgrilyst, which is officially launching in the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Battlefield today, helps greenhouse operators run their operations more efficiently by..
High-tech sensor spots water leaks quickly | The London Free Press
Arduino Wireless Parking SensorThis project will describe the construction of our portable parking sensors.Data from ultrasonic sensors, the system will see the LCD screen via bluet…
 A new sensor system enables researchers to know the risk of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures in real time
New ‘smart’ collars tell you if your pet is in pain | New York Post
Could adorable tiny tech backpacks save the honeybees? – CSMonitor.comScientists are using microsensors in an effort to figure out what’s causing mass deaths in bee colonies worldwide.
Tapping Into The Emotional Internet | TechCrunchWearables currently decipher physiological biometrics — heart rate, pulse, caloric intake. But in the coming years, we’ll see emotion-sensing wearable..
Ocean Health Xprize awarded to Sunburst Sensors, 10-person team from Montana – Business InsiderThe oceans need help, and step one is collecting good data.
Huawei’s MaiMang 4 Features Precise Biometrics Tech – Mobile ID WorldAnother major smartphone, Huawei’s new MaiMang 4, features a fingerprint sensor powered by Precise Biometrics technology.
“Soft” Sensors Are Breaking Into Four Major Industries | TechCrunchFrom something as simple as a door sensor at a store to the new age of “smart” sensors in a rapidly emerging wearables market, the application of sensors has..


A Smart Sensor to Help Farmers Save Water in a Drought | WIREDCropX makes sensors and software designed to help farmers determine precisely how much water to use in different parts of their fields.CropX makes sensors and software designed to help farmers determine precisely how much water to use in different parts of their fields.
Get Ready For On Screen Fingerprint Sensor | TechTree.comSonavation, an American company known for its biometric solutions, has managed to bond an ultrasound sensor with Corning Gorilla Glass. 


Science Daily Exponential Technologies Graphene: Magnetic sensor 100 times more sensitive than silicon equivalent
Schmersal Introduces Their Latest RFID-Based Electronic Safety Sensor with Magnetic Latching – The Business JournalsSchmersal is proud to announce the release of their latest RFID-based electronic safety sensor, the RSS16, designed for the application in safety circuits of hinged, sliding and removable safety guards. The RSS16 uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to detect its matching actuator and indicate a closed machine guard
Science Daily Exponential Technologies Eye’s motion detection sensors identified
First sensor of Earth’s magnetic field in an animal
 Entering a ‘golden age’ of animal tracking
New composite material as carbon dioxide sensor — ScienceDailyA new material changes its conductivity depending on the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment. The researchers who developed it have utilized the material to produce a miniature, simply constructed sensor.” id=”metasummary
Monitoring Tiny Vibrations to Avert Big Problems – WSJA technique uses high-speed video cameras and computers to check on structures’ vibrations with an eye to keeping buildings, bridges and pipelines safe.
University develops sensor technology to help exploration companies discover tiny particles of gold – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Researchers at the University of Adelaide are developing a mobile unit which would allow exploration companies to test for gold on site.
High-tech sensors help people keep eye on elderly parents – Health LivingSAN FRANCISCO — Each time 81-year-old Bill Dworsky or his 80-year-old wife Dorothy open the refrigerator, close the bathroom door or lift the lid on a pill container, tiny sensors in their San Francisco home make notes on a digital logbook.