Roy Orbison hologram concert in L.A. invites awe and debate – Los Angeles Times

Rocker Roy Orbison has been dead for nearly 30 years, but on Tuesday, he performed at the Wiltern for the first time in his storied career as a holographic image. Such images are becoming more common, as families of deceased celebs look for new ways to prolong and capitalize on their legacies.


The world’s first multi-user hologram table is here, on sale in 2018

Australian company Euclideon has built a working prototype of what it calls the world’s first true multi-user hologram table. Up to four people can walk around a holographic image and interact with it wearing only a pair of glasses – a far cry from bulky AR headgear. It’s set to go on sale in 2018.


Virtual Reality

Google Announces ‘WorldSense’ Inside-out Tracking for Standalone Daydream VR Headsets – Road to VR
Nintendo Switch offers an ideal blueprint for mass-consumer VRThe Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a lot in common with VR systems like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR. But if virtual reality companies want the tech to have its mainstream breakthrough moment, they’d be wise to study Nintendo’s approach.
Taclim haptic boots were made for VR walkin’Though Vive’s wands, the Oculus Touch controllers, and to a far lesser extent, the PSVR’s Move wands, do a reasonable job of bringing hands into VR worlds, feet are another story. Soon, we may be able to, almost literally, step into the shoes of our VR avatars with Cerevo’s Taclim.
Hands-on with HTC Vive’s barrier-breaking accessories​Today at CES, we experienced HTC’s latest additions to the Vive ecosystem​. The improved headphones and wireless adapter make the PC-powered VR headset easier to wear, while the ViveTracker dramatically expands the possibilities for the kinds of objects that can be used as a controller or gamepad.
Virtual Reality Makes Avatars More Important Than Ever | MotherboardImmersing yourself in an alternative universe is VR’s selling point. But how do the avatars that populate these worlds impact our experiences and our behaviour?
Top VR Developers Unite to Form the Global Virtual Reality AssociationIn the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, major players in the field of virtual reality (VR) have come together to form an organization that will facilitate the sharing of ideas. The specifics of how the organization will achieve its goals are unclear but the move toward transparency and cooperation is welcome news.
This is ‘year zero’ of a virtual reality revolution say filmmakersThe first wave of virtual reality cinemas, heralding what their creators claim will be an entertainment revolution, rolls out across the world this month.” name=”Description
Now You Can Taste And Chew In Virtual RealityUniversity of Tokyo researchers created a device that lets people eat virtual foods.
Why VR? The top 6 reasons to embrace virtual realityMention virtual reality (“VR”) and you’ll likely elicit one of two responses: either utmost enthusiasm and awareness, or something along the lines of Homer Simpson yelling “Neeeeerd!” But VR deserves to occupy a more substantive niche on the mainstream public radar, and here’s why.
Human Head Transplant Patient to Use VR to Prep for New BodyFirst head transplant patient will prepare with VR
VR lets expecting parents tour the womb for an early meeting with their unborn fetusScientists have used a mix of MRI, ultrasound and VR to produce 3D models of fetuses, a technology that could be used to avoid complications when it comes time to welcome them into the real world.
Google Earth gets the VR treatmentGoogle has given its Earth software a virtual reality makeover, today launching Google Earth VR to add another layer of immersion for globetrotters of the digital realm.
Cedars-Sinai Uses Virtual Reality to Provide Medical TherapyVirtual reality is giving hospital patients unforgettable experiences.
2016 VR Comparison GuideThis year will mark the first holiday season where kids young and old could be unwrapping gifts with virtual reality systems inside. It’s New Atlas’ 2016 VR Comparison Guide.
Of hardware and headsets: Oculus Chief Scientist on the future of VRWith the arrival of consumer virtual reality gear to the market, many tech evangelists insist VR is the next major computing platform. What hardware shortcomings need to be overcome in order to get there?
Code in Virtual RealityInto programming? Now you can be *into* programming.
MSI untethers VR gaming with new backpack PCVR can be a hazard if the cord wraps itself around your legs. Developers are beginning to solve that problem by stuffing the brains of the hardware into a backpack. Now MSI has announced the VR One, a lightweight backpack PC with hot-swappable batteries and the graphical grunt to run VR games.
The Dexmo Exoskeleton Lets You ‘Touch’ and ‘Feel’ in Virtual RealityDexmo will allow a person to physically touch the digital world by stimulating feeling with its cutting-edge variable force feedback and motion capture capabilities. Unfortunately though, we’ll have to wait a bit before we can own this device.
How VR is rewriting the rules of storytellingNew Atlas speaks to Eric Darnell, co-founder of Hollywood VR studio Baobab, and Google’s principle VR filmmaker Jessica Brillhart about the challenges in taking traditional storytelling into the nascent medium of virtual reality.
2016 Samsung Gear VR review: Still the best, as mobile VR (mostly) sits in neutralWith the new Galaxy Note 7 and its USB-C port (a first for the lineup), Samsung needed an updated Gear VR headset to support the new phone/port combo. But this is more than a compatibility update, if only by a little. Read on, as New Atlas reviews the more evolution than revolution 2016 Gear VR.
Intel’s Project Alloy: An all-in-one AR/VR headset that skips the controllersIntel just unveiled an all-new standalone VR headset: Project Alloy. With help from a colleague, CEO Brian Krzanich demoed the device onstage at Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco. At first glance, it looks to be an ambitious, potentially powerful foray into VR.
Games, movies, movement and more: How far can VR go?With two major headsets launched and another on the way, virtual reality has filled up many of the tech headlines in 2016. Even with the the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now on the market, VR still faces a number of tough hurdles before it can become ubiquitous, and here’s what we think lies ahead.
HTC’s VR app store isn’t playing gamesToday’s VR headsets all center around gaming. In an attempt to help highlight some content in other areas, HTC is preparing to launch an app store focused exclusively on things that don’t involve gaming.
Intel Made a Depth-Sensing Unicorn Horn For HTC’s Vive | Digital TrendsAn Intel employee added six depth-sensing cameras to the HTC Vive with a unicorn-horn-shaped peripheral. It can sense hand motions and obstacles.
HP’s VR Monitor Allows You To Control 3D Holograms The HP Zvr replaces bulky VR headsets with lightweight 3D glasses.
New Eye-Tracking VR Tech Can Read Your EmotionsAn optics company called Eyefluence has created a eyes-based VR interface that reads intent, interest, and emotion for a more immersive VR experience.
VR headset that relays facial expressions to the virtual worldVeeso is claimed to be the first VR headset to capture your face and transmit your expressions – and as a result, your emotions – onto a virtual avatar in real time. With it, the company is emphasizing emotional connections through video call apps and social games like poker.
The New Oculus Touch Plans To Change The VR GameOculus Touch is exclusively launching over 30 games for its platform.
Virtual Reality Food Lets You Enjoy Real Foods Without Any of the CaloriesProject Nourished lets you experience the taste, smell, and feel of your foods.
Google is reportedly announcing a standalone Android VR headset next week | TechCrunchGoogle is moving beyond Cardboard. The company will reportedly be announcing a standalone Android VR headset at next week’s Google I/O event. Entrepreneur..
Live-Stream Virtual Reality With This Tiny Camera Rig The Orah 4i is a small 360-degree live-streaming camera rig by VideoStitch that aims to make live-streaming virtual reality cheap and easy.
The World’s First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset is Heading Your WayWith a fresh funding boost, the world may at last see FOVE’s VR headset with built-in eye-tracking capabilities in the latter half of the year.
This is Your Desktop in Virtual Reality, and it is AmazingWant to know what the future of computing will look like? Well, here you are.
Welcome to Hypnatia, The World’s First Fully Explorable Virtual Reality CityAll the objects in the city are completely crowdsourced, and players can own houses and engage in a whole range of leisurely activities
Control Virtual Reality With Your Hands, Thanks to Leap MotionThe Orion, a brand new hardware and software solution that’s built just for VR, allows users to control the virtual world using their hands.
How Virtual Reality Will Change Your Life – Boston Commons High Tech
7 Unexpected Virtual Reality Use Cases | TechCrunchSome amazing and inventive new ways to use VR technology are already appearing that could dramatically impact people in their daily lives.
The Critical Mass Of Virtual Reality | TechCrunchThe concept of virtual reality (VR) has been around for several decades. Largely ignored by mainstream computing until about four years ago, VR technology has..
Oculus Founder: Cables To Be Major Obstacle In VR Industry For A Long Time | TechCrunchIt might sound obvious, but if you’re hoping that mom will want to hop into virtual reality while you make her drag around a bunch of ugly ass (and dangerous)..
Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video | TechCrunchAfter staying relatively quiet on the future of virtual reality, Apple has made its first foray into the space via a 360-degree U2 music video made available..
Virtual Reality gets real | Local News | St. Albert GazetteThe St. Albert Gazette, your source for St. Albert news, events, and community
Virtual Reality Armbands : feel virtual reality
Oculus’ New $99 Samsung Gear VR Makes Serious Virtual Reality Affordable | TechCrunchAt half the price of its last mobile VR headset, the new $99 Oculus-made Samsung Gear VR is cheap enough to unlock virtual reality for the mainstream…
What Will the Virtual Reality Headset of 2018 Look Like?As part of our VR series, we asked experts in the industry to sketch us their vision of the virtual reality headset in the near future.
How Virtual Reality Works – Intel iQThree experts discuss new games and gear, as well as answer how virtual reality works.
Marriott Tests In-Room Virtual Reality Service | VarietyMarriott is giving travelers in New York and London the chance to try out bleeding-edge virtual reality tech in the privacy of their hotel rooms. The global hotel chain has launched a limited test of “VRoom Service” in partnership with Samsung Electronics.
A New and Improved $99 VR Headset That You Can Buy Right Now | WIREDThe VR One is still very much meant for developers, and has its bugs, but it’s easy to imagine the One becoming a cheap mobile option for VR enthusiasts.The VR One is still very much meant for developers, and has its bugs, but it’s easy to imagine the One becoming a cheap mobile option for VR enthusiasts.
Virtual Reality: The time has come – PC & Tech AuthorityThe once-bitten, twice-shy Jack Schofield thought VR was pure hype. Here, he reveals why the virtual revolution could be just months away., Misc Gadgets
A Maker’s Guide to the Metaverse – Singularity HUB
How We’re Battling Virtual Reality’s Dreaded Simulator Sickness – Singularity HUBThese are the technologies seeking to better approximate the real world in the virtual and ease the sickness and nausea caused by virtual reality.
Stories From Around the Web: Virtual Reality Is the Ultimate Empathy Machine – Singularity HUB
Should You Buy the Hype? An Inside Look at the Virtual Reality Landscape – Singularity HUBShould you buy virtual reality hype? We investigate trends on the state of the industry, including VR growth, investments and opportunities.
The VOID: a VR theme park coming to Pleasant Grove, UtahLooking for the best virtual reality experience? We can bet nothing will beat The VOID, a VR theme park opening in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Future of Virtual Reality Series Launches Today – Singularity HUB
Virtual Reality: Everything You Need to KnowThe long-promised technology is finally going mainstream this year. Here’s what you need to know
Tech: Virtual reality gets a reboot – Independent.ieVirtual reality died an unloved death in the 1990s with unreliable, unimpressive technology. But now VR is making a comeback with five rivals jostling to revolutionise gaming and comput
Oculus Rift took me for a ride in a real car during Honda’s trippy Dream Drive | PCWorldVR synced to the motion of the car took me from race track to the space station in the time is takes to circle a parking lot.
Virtual Reality Porn And The Future Of Loneliness | TechCrunchWelcome to the very-near future of porn. A few weeks back, a sex toy company called Lovense and a virtual reality porn company called VirtualRealPorn..
Samsung wearable to beat HoloLens with 3D-cam and 2x Glass – SlashGearSamsung may be next on the list of hardware companies to deliver a smart headset with dual-Google Glass-like displays, 3D cameras, and augmented
3 Places to Buy Cardboard VR If You Can’t Buy OnePlus Cardboard VR » Gadgets To Use
Need a Vacation? Here, Put On These VR Goggles. | Re/code“Americans are the absolute worst at taking time off for themselves.” Can Oculus help?
The hologram age is here with new 3D Humagram by ARHT MediaPaul Duffy’s HumaGram can capture a video image of a person and project it in 3D as a hologram, writes Simon Nettle.
Lucid Trips: A Virtual Planetary System Which Features a 3D Printable Art Gallery – 3DPrint.comLudic Trips is a virtual reality, geocaching experience that lets users build objects and navigate through a series of planetary dream worlds using motion controllers.
Oculus Rift Headset, Oculus Touch Controller Coming in 1Q 2016 | SocialTimes
Oculus’ virtual-reality headset to simulate touch, gestures – Post and CourierSAN FRANCISCO — Oculus is expanding its virtual-reality headset to simulate the sensation of touch and gesturing as part of its quest to blur the lines between the fake and genuine world.
Google Is Looking For Testers For Its Jump VR Video Cameras | TechCrunchGoogle wants YOU to test their Jump virtual reality video capture platform. Or, well, some of you. Maybe like two, given how I imagine the percentages will..
 Virtual reality sheds new light on how we navigate in the dark
Google is laying the foundation for the future of virtual reality right now | Business InsiderGoogle is the most important tech company in…
World’s lightest wireless immersive virtual reality glasses emerge: Dlodlo – San Diego Luxury Lifestyle | Examiner.comDlodlo, a global leader in virtual reality technology research and development, has ushered in a new era of VR with the recent release of their highly anticipat
Oculus VR’s new tech is the best thing to happen to virtual reality since… Oculus VR | Fox NewsVirtual Reality pioneer Oculus VR this week announced its acquisition of Surreal Vision, a company that specializes in recreating actual physical spaces in real time for insertion into a virtual reality environment. In other words, virtual reality just got real.


Google dives into virtual realityVirtual reality goes mainstream, with Google expected to announce an Android-based platform for head-mounted display hardware running immersive applications.
Meet the SVR Glass headset, a cheaper Galaxy Gear VR – CNETThis Chinese virtual reality headset will fit any phone with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 6 inches and it costs under $50.


Oculus’ next big move is to make VR a social experienceVR turned me into a movie character — a tiny, bright yellow firefly. But here’s the best part: I got to experience it with someone next to me, both lite
Mattel And Google Revive View-Master With Virtual RealityView-Master is back, and will show us a new way to look at 3-D images. Mattel and Google have swapped ideas to recreate one of the best children’s toys of all time. The new View-Master will allow kids to experience interactive, educational, and
Golden State Warriors experiment with virtual reality technology | UTSanDiego.comLed by marketing guru Kenny Lauer, the NBA Western Conference finalist Golden State Warriors have experimented with virtual reality technology this season to try to enhance their fans’ game experience


Virtual Reality Can Make You Feel. Can It Also Make You Think? | Re/codeThe answer has important implications for journalism, documentaries and academic research.
Virtual reality QB trainer a “game changer” | UTSanDiego.comSan Diego native Derek Belch, a former Stanford football coach, has devised a virtual reality quarterback and football training tool that will revolutionize the way players watch film and learn the game Page 1 of 5
Virtual reality set to change ad tech industry’s perception
Eye-tracking tech makes virtual reality hands-free | advanced virtual reality headset could be a game-changer for the entertainment industry and give people with disabilities new powers.
VRchitecture: Interactive Virtual Reality House Feels 90% Real | UrbanistNo matter how many drawings and models a client is shown, there is still a leap of imagination needed for someone to understand how a building design will …
Virtual reality headset sales explode – Business Insider Virtual reality headset shipments will create a $2.8 billion market by 2020.
3 virtual reality products will dominate our living rooms by this time next year – Business InsiderIt’s crazy but true: Virtual reality will be a real thing in people’s homes by this time next year.